The International 2019 Group Stage: OG 1-1 NAVI

Aug 15 2019 2 min read

The International 2019 Group Stage: OG 1-1 NAVI ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

These series began a little later than others because of the protracted match between TNC and Keen Gaming. NAVI showed their readiness to fight with the strongest teams of the tournament, however, it was a shake performance. 

Map One

OG took the situation on the map into their own hands from the first minutes: Arc Warden from Topson and Ember Spirit from ana led the table of character networths, and soon Ceb's Enchantress joined them. By the tenth minute, the advantage of the European team grew to five thousand in gold and double superiority in kills 14:7. Closer to the late game, NAVI were left without a central line and were caught at the base: even Storm Spirit's BKB did not help to fight well. As a result, Arc Warden has become the so-called raid boss, whom the “Born to Win” were able to kill only two times per fight (Tempest Double that is), but not four - a timely buyback from Topson helped OG to continue the pressure and secure the first map.

Source: @AutoDota

Map Two

NAVI changed their strategy for the next match and refreshed the pick: the team showed Viper, Sven and Treant Protector. OG responded with Zeus and Spectre. The rivals approached the midgame equal: no Tier-1 towers, Kills and Gold were status quo. In the end, NAVI's draft made itself felt: Viper and Sven helped Legion Commander gain additional damage from duels, all under the protection of Treant Protector. OG tried to fight back, but Spectre was losing the pace, and the damage from Zeus was just not enough. At the 45th minute, OG raised the white flag. The team meeting ended in a draw.

Source: @AutoDota

The results of matches, a detailed schedule and all the most important news of The International are now available on our The International 2019 Hub Page. Keep up to date with the events of the main tournament of the year in one click!


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