The Indian CS:GO scene is shaking in the foundations

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The Indian CS:GO scene is shaking in the foundations

ESL India has confirmed forsaken cheating at Premiership fall.

As we have informed you a few days ago, Indian player from OpTic Gaming India, Nikhil forsakenKumawat was caught on stage using a cheating software, resulting in his team's dismissal from the tournament and departure from the organization with immediate effect. The tournament organiser, ESL India is now looking into all players who attended the fall finale of the ESL India Premiership

In a statement, the organizer has announced that the company has found the same software used by forsaken on the hard drive the 23-year-old was using at the ESL India Premiership Fall Finale, which ran 2 weeks ago.

The information has lead ESL India to look into all the 20 players who attended the September event alongside the former OpTic India roster, including players from Brutality and Slaughter Rage Army.

The punishment for forsaken will be permanent BAN to all events (Majors, ESL, DH etc.) for at least 2 years with a potential life BAN. That’s for sure. Moreover, the other sad thing is that India, unlike Europe or USA, doesn’t have a healthy environment for the players and the organization as well. This was an opportunity how to involved well-funded organizations (like OpTic for example) from USA to pump money into the Indian scene. Only time will show now, how it will affect the industry and how organizers will fight against cheaters not just from India, but from all over the world. 

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