The Icarus Set: Idom Nyc v NoNeedToTalk

Oct 27 2020 4 min read
Credit: Twitch/Noah the Prodigy

According to legend, Icarus lost his wings after flying too close to the sun. NoNeedToTalk suffered a similar fate at the hands of iDom

If you are of a certain vintage, you might remember that the Fighting Game Community wasn't always this — nice. There was a time when an FGC match brought all the hype and the smoke to the point that it was uncomfortable for some. Times have changed, though, and with mental health becoming more prevalent in society, the role of trash talking in the FGC has come under scrutiny. For some, it was a way for players to get better; for others, it was just unnecessary meanness. Nowadays, we have a much more polished FGC with in-depth analysis and more support emotionally than we had back in the day.

However, some people still love the feel of the old days when all you had were your skills, and if they weren't good enough, you get heckled to death (figuratively), and if that is your scene, then you really need to stop sleeping on Saturday Night Nightmares hosted by Noah the Prodigy and Snake Eyes Jnr. The stream comes up every Saturday and features a main match between two prominent members of the FGC on Street Fighter V. It is a LOT of fun (if you can get past the general snideness) and has an old-school feel that you might appreciate.

Recently, there has been an undisputed champion at SNN, with the player, NoNeedToTalk completely obliterating a lot of his competition. NoNeed is a pretty underrated player who has a pretty mean E.Honda at his disposal. Apart from that, he also has a decent Laura and Guile at his disposal. The fights, all of which are money matches, have so far gone in favor of NoNeed, who took out some pretty prominent names, including Brian_F (7-5), Dokta Afrikan (7-0), Zaferino (10-6), and JustAKid (10-7). In these games, NoNeed demonstrated a star quality that was a joy to behold, and soon enough, people were talking and wondering if a new NA champion had emerged that people needed to know about.

NoNeed certainly seemed to think so, going as far as calling out Capcom Cup 2019 winner iDom and asking for a match. With how well he had played so far, there was genuine hype for this match, with some even wondering if iDom was about to suffer the ignominy of defeat. This was further exacerbated when it was revealed that the offer had been made to several prominent players in the FGC, all of whom had declined, which some considered as a sign of weakness. iDom was confident, though, and agreed to the match. Initially set at $800, the cash rewards soon swelled to $1500 with hype at an all-time high for the set. Contracts were signed, and the set was widely publicized on Twitter and other Social media outlets; the 24th of October was set to go down in history as a legendary day.

It turned out to be a remarkable fight, but not in the way you might consider, at first.

The Fight

iDom completely bodied NoNeed, opting for his invincible Laura to face off against NoNeed's Honda. The first four games (it was a first to 10) went by in a flash, with NoNeed only managing to win one round. Seeing how the tide was turning on him, NoNeed switched gears, making a change and picking Laura to force a mirror match. It was soon clear who has the better Laura as iDom had little trouble winning the fight. NoNeed then made another change and tried out Guile in hopes he could somehow stem the bloodletting. This didn't work as iDom just plowed through his Guile, winning with ease. NoNeed returned to Honda and managed to win 2 games with some really impressive play; however, at this point, most people could already see the direction the set was going. We all knew it, and probably NoNeed knew it too

iDom is unstoppable

In between defeats, NoNeed was able to secure one more win, but at the end of the day, iDom took it, and the set ended 10-3.

It was an entertaining match made more so thanks to the...err... commentary by Snake Eyes Jnr, who seamlessly switched between abusing NoNeed and encouraging him. The victory for iDom was made all the more remarkable due to NoNeed's alleged comments before the fight. According to Noah the Prodigy, NoNeed claimed that if he even faced iDom, he would win and that the Next Level Battle Circuit champion wasn't as good as many people believe.

Well, by the results, it is pretty clear that iDom is one hell of a player, and this was just a case of NoNeed flying a little too close to the sun.


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