The Hospital Major: all the people who got sick in Chongqing

Jan 28 2019 2 min read
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The amount of people who got sick during the Chongqing Major has spawned an unofficial name for the event — the Hospital Major. Truly, there hasn't been a Dota 2 tournament with so many people getting ill at the same time.

Here is the list of people known to have gotten sick during the Chongqing Major:

  • shadow (Team Liquid stand-in)

Shadow was one of the first people to go to the hospital in China during the Chongqing Major. This event was very unfortunate for Team Liquid, who needed to look for a stand-in for their stand-in.

  • Weppas (cameraman)

The most famous Dota 2 cameraman was hospitalized with an infection and kidney problems soon after he travelled to China. Everyone’s favorite observer is fine now.

Here is the story we made about Weppas a couple of days ago.

  • Solo (Virtus.Pro captain)

The captain of Virtus.Pro couldn’t participate in the upper bracket semifinals due to food poisoning. Fortunately, the team coach ArsZeeqq carried the torch instead of the captain.

  • RodjER and Ramzes (Virtus.Pro players)

There were rumors that RodjER got sick at the same time Solo did, but he was in a better condition and able to play. There's no official information about Ramzes, but he attended his games with a sickness mask.

It’s incredible that Virtus.Pro made it to the grand-finals in these circumstances.

  • MP (Fnatic player)

The news about Fnatic MP broke soon after the end of the event. He is in the hospital with food poisoning now, waiting to be discharged.

Bear in mind that these are only the people who are known to the Dota 2 community. There’s no telling how many members of the production crew and other staff members flown in from other countries got sick.

There are worries that a similar thing could happen during The International 2019 which is also taking place in China. Perhaps, next time players will refrain from enjoying the local cuisine, and the teams will provide them with food brought from their home region.


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