The Heroes in Dota 2 - An Introductory Guide for Kunkka

Feb 03 2020 5 min read

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Dota 2 is a game where you can find many unique heroes. Some of them are only suitable for carries, whereas others can fill in pretty much any role, depending on the sitation.

The hero that we will take a look at today is capalbe of doing jus that. Even though Kunkka can be one of the strongest mid laners, he is also capable of supporting and he's damn good at it. However, we can safely say that he shines the most when he's played as a core. Despite being a melee hero, he is one of the strongest one versus one laners due to his second ability.

Having said that, let's take a look at Kunkka and see what can we expect from this awesome hero.


Basic information about Kunkka

As we mentioned above, Kunkka is a malee hero that has Strength as his main attribute in the game. He has one of the highest melee damage, which makes last hitting like a walk in the park. Although he can be played in every single position, he is most commonly found in the middle lane. Even though there are a couple of heroes that are very strong against him, Kunkka is capable of crushing most mid laners, especially if they are very squishy.

Here is an overview of the skills that this amazing Hero has to offer:

  1. Torrent is a very interesting ability that basically blasts enemy units who are inside a small AoE in the air, while also dealing damage and slowing them after they fall. The damage amount of this ability is pretty good, however, using it is not the easiest thing in the world. That's due to the fact that there is around a 1.6 seconds delay after using it, which is more than enough for most heroes to dodge it. However, once you learn how to use this spell properly, you will find out that it's pretty strong.

    Luckily, Kunkka has another aiblity that allows him to easily cast a torrent on the enemy heroes and it's called X marks the spot. More about it in just a second.
  2. Tidebringer is the spell that makes Kunkka the lane monster that he is. This amazing passive skill has a short cooldown (4 seconds on level four) and it gives the hero a massive damage boost on his next attack. However, in addition to that, Kunkka also splashes with it, dealing pure damage on all units that are behind the unit that he attacks. In other words, he can simply hit a creep with Tidebringer and if there is a hero behind it, he will take damage from this spell.

    As you can imagine, this is an extremely powerful late-game ability that can deal absolutely absurd amounts of damage. There are many situations where Kunkka is capable of one-shotting the enemy supports later on, especially if he gets a Daedalus.
  3. X marks the spot is one lf the most iconic ability in Dota 2 that can be seen in many videos because it's very fun. However, it's only fun for Kunkka, not for his enemies. X marks the spot has just a couple of seconds cooldown and it allows Kunkka to basically mark a target and then return it to the poistion it was marked. In other words, this can use as a tool to keep enemies in place or to prevent them from running. As you can imagine, this works very well with Torrent because it neglects the ability of the enemy hero to dodge this spell.

    X marks the spot is usually maxed whenever Kunkka is playing as a support. Nevertheless, there are situations where he can max it even if he is a core.
  4. Ghostship is the big ultimate that's capable of completely changing the course of a team fight. It has one of the coolest animations out of every spell in Dota 2 but it's also pretty hard to use. However, once you learn how to cope with it, you will have loads of fun.

    Ghostship deals damage on impact and then allows Kunkka and his team-mates to take less damage for the next couple of seconds. However, similar to Torrent, there is a delay of a couple of seconds after its used, which makes hitting your enemies with it pretty hard. Yet, you can do many combinations such as with Torrent, X marks the spot or just other heroes.

Items and Counters

We've mentioned numerous times that Kunkka can be played in different positions. As you've probably gussed, this means that the items will be different, depending on what's his role. However, here is a list of some of the most popular items that most Kunkka players decide to go for:

  • Shadow Blade is a very popular option both for Core and Support. It's fairly inexpensive and gives the hero the ability to sneak in and catch his enemies offguard. Also, let's not forget the bonus damage from the item itself - it works very well with Tidebringer.
  • Blink Dagger is another popular utility item that works both for support and core Kunkka. 
  • Daedalus is an excellent item that provides tons of damage and most important - Critical Strike that stacks with Tidebringer.
  • Radiance is also a very common pick, especially after the Outlanders update came to be.

As for counters, there are not that many heroes that can stand their ground against Kunkka, especially in the laning stage, However, here are some heroes that are very hard to deal with at all stages of the game:

  • Huskar is a nightmare to lane against and an overall difficult hero to deal with because he does tons of damage.
  • Lifestealer is perhaps the best hero against Kunkka. He can easily neglect the entire magical damage from the hero by just using his Rage.
  • Juggernaut works very simiarly to Lifestealer, however, he does less damage, which makes him a little bit easier to fight against.

Generally speaking, every single heavily-farmed hero has the potential to take down Kunkka. This means that it all depends on the situation he finds himself in. 


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