The Heroes in Dota 2 - An Introductory Guide for Enchantress

Jan 25 2020 4 min read

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Regardless if you’re a new player or someone that used to play Dota 2 before, there will always be something new for you to discover. Every single patch brings tons of changes to most heroes in the game, which is why it might be hard to follow what’s happening, especially if you missed out on a couple of changelogs. So if that's about you, we'd suggest you to watch the AniMajor event to refresh the understanding of the current meta.

Having said that, today, we will continue with our “hero check” articles. The hero that we will cover today can be played either as an offlane or as a roaming support. In fact, there are even people who prefer to play with it in the jungle.

Let’s take a look and see everything we need to know about Enchantress.

Overlook of this unique hero

As we mentioned above, Enchantress can be played either as a support or as an offlaner. In general, it depends on the type of meta. There were even times where players tried to play with this hero in the mid lane but it’s just not that good.

She is a ranged, intelligence hero that’s notorious for being very squishy. In fact, she has nearly the same HP as Terrorbalde, who has the lowest starting health in Dota 2. Despite that, her abilities allow her to be very agile and hardy, as long as there are no deadly spellcasters around.

Here are all of her four abilities:

  • Impetus used to be the ultimate of this amazing hero. However, after the  Outlanders Update, this was changed as her first spell. Impetus is basically an attack modifier that allows Enchantress to deal pure damage based on the travel distance of her attack. In other words, the longer the range, the more damage it does.

    This mechanic might seem strange at first but there are situations where you can do around 1000 damage with Impetus. However, every single attack with this spell costs a lot of mana, so you should keep it in mind.

    If you ever reach the late-game scenario, this ability has the power to turn the course of a team fight.
  • Enchant is a very unique spell that allows this hero to either slow down her enemies or use it on a jungle creep. When she uses it on a creep, she takes control of him for a brief period of time. During that time, she can use all abilities, attack, and so on.

    Although it might seem a little bit boring at first, this is actually an amazing way to pressure your enemies during the early stages of the game. You can use the creep to farm the jungle or gank the lanes, depending on what type of creep you can enchant.
  • Nature’s Attendants is a healing ability that can heal both Enchantress and her allies. The healing amount depends on the level of this spell but it’s usually pretty significant. However, it’s important to note that healing is not instant. Instead, you will regenerate a certain amount of HP each second.
  • Untouchable is one of the most annoying passive skills and ultimates in the game. Although it does no damage, it reduces the attack speed of the enemy heroes that attack Enchantress by the whopping 260.

    In other words, killing this hero becomes pretty much impossible if you do it with physical damage. That’s why Enchantress is often picked against heroes that rely solely on that.

    However, this ult can easily be avoided if you simply buy a Black King Bar. In other words, every single physical damage builder will be able to deal kill this hero once he gets this item.

Item choices and heroes to be aware of

The items that people buy for Enchantress depend heavily on her role in the game. In most cases, however, there will be a couple of utility and damage items along the way. Here are a couple of very popular items that people tend to buy:

  • Hurricane Pike gives everything that the hero needs. More range means that she can deal even more damage with Impetus. In addition, she can use the Force staff mechanism to escape from danger whenever it’s needed.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter used to be a must-buy for Enchantress before because it increased her damage by a lot. However, it was recently changed and it now gives her a spell that she can use to dodge attacks. In other words, this item becomes a lot more situational now.
  • Scythe of Vyse is a very popular option for the late-game.

In terms of counters, there are a couple of heroes that can really make her life a living hell. However, the vast majority of the melee carries can easily be countered with Enchantress. Apart from the obvious magical damage dealers such as Skywrath Mage, Tinker, and Zeus, there are a couple of right-clicking monsters that can also kill Enchantress in a blink of an eye. For example, Ursa and Lifestealer both have spells that allow them to easily go through Untouchable.

Overall, Enchantress is a very interesting hero that has the potential to carry games. However, she is definitely harder to master than it looks.


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