The Groups for WePlay Dragon Temple Have Been Drawn

Dec 08 2020 2 min read

With $60,000 on the line, the beginning of a new legend awaits. Therefore, it is time to reveal how the players will be paired in groups for WePlay Dragon Temple.

With the WePlay Dragon Temple a couple of days away, excitement is at its peak. The players are ready, the talents are ready, and the fans— well, we are more than ready. There is $60,000 on the line and the beginning of a new legend awaits. Therefore, it is time to reveal how the players will be paired in groups.

As you should already know, there are two groups and the players will face each other in a round-robin, best of three format. The top four players from each group will qualify for the playoffs from whence a champion shall emerge.

First off…

Mortal Group

Mortal Group
  • A Foxy Grampa (United Kingdom) seeded

  • Hayatei (Canada)

  • Konqueror (Brazil)

  • Asodimazze (Italy)

  • Avirk (Canada)

  • ForeverKing (United States)

  • Hadoken (Ukraine)


Kombat Group

Kombat Group
  • Tekken Master (Bahrain) — seeded

  • DizzyTT (United States)

  • GRR (United States)

  • Dubasik (Russia)

  • 2EZ (United States)

  • Infinitii (United States)

  • MK_Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan)

As ever, WePlay’s paramount concern is the health and security of the players. Therefore, all precautionary measures, including holding the event behind closed doors, are being followed to ensure that every participant is afforded the maximum amount of safety and comfort. 

The official media partner of the tournament will be Dashfight

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You can also listen in on the action at League Day.

See you soon! 

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