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The Elder Scrolls Online, as one of the most expected MMO of 2014, attracts keen interest of the gamers. Today we present for your attention a guide, helping to get through a top dungeon of the game, from CatOfFay - the expert of WePlay.TV.


Veteran Crypt of Hearts is "an advanced version" of an ordinary dungeon, and those who enthusiastically passes quests and goes deeply into the atmosphere of #ESO world, will find here an interesting continuation of the story told to us in the ordinary version of the dungeon.
But this article doesn’t set targets to reveal all the secrets of the quest, every fan of adventures will be interested to know them by himself. In this article I will try to describe the process of passing the dungeon, tactics of killing each boss and, of course, hard modes - special "complicated versions of advanced version," fulfillment of which can bring you special achievements in the game, and even colors for the armor.
Currently (ESO v.1.3) Crypt of Hearts is the top dungeon and the top of veteran PVE-content, oriented to a group of four people. Accordingly, the requirements for the party intending to go underground (and even more, to do it in a complicated mode) are quite high.
This is primarily reflected in the fact that every boss of dungeon has its own tactic, which you have to follow to kill him. If you don’t follow this tactic, or even don’t know it, the risk of death is very high. Also Crypt has very evil packs of monsters besides the bosses, and they also may send an inexperienced group to the forefathers. Many of players entering Crypt for the first time lay down face down already after the first boss.
So, this guide was written to avoid such situations.

Veteran Crypt of Hearts has already three hard modes:
1. Crypt Assassin (“fastrun”): you have to kill all the bosses within 30 mines after entering dungeon.
2. Deadly Cryps Survivor: no one of your group mates should die (even once) during all the passage of the dungeon.
3. The Blade's Edge: at the moment of transition of the last boss to the final phase, four of his servants have to be alive.
Usually they are done within different passages, and rarely on the first try. But they can be combined as it is shown in the video at the end of the article. Hereafter the entire article is written based on the passing of hard modes. Normal passage is identical, except that you can be a little less cautious :)

The crypt is intended to be a challenge for groups of Veteran Rank 12 player characters. So, if you are below VR12, it is worth considering the feasibility of entering this dungeon. Theoretically, you can pass the crypt even with the characters of lower level, but you could hardly do this in hard mode, and the passage itself will not be the easiest.
For successful passage your group should certainly have a good tank. The best choice in this case is Dragon Knight, because of its great Standard ultimate ability, good buffs for damage and group defense, as well as the excellent survival rates and the possibility, if necessary, easily switch to DD (Damage Dealer – damaging character) specialization.
In our case, DK tank armor in the ratio of heavy/light is 2/5. Perhaps, DC is the only class which can afford tanking in light armor, as it has great self-buffs for improving the armor level. At that the light armor allows to allocate resources much more flexibly while creating the build, not to be out of magicka and to cause damage at the right moments instead of usual tanking.
Also Templar is well suited for the role of tank, and some groups prefer this option.
Besides this, the group will definitely need a good healer. Doctor’s diploma is not a necessary thing, but healing experience in group dungeons is needed, as all the enemies in Crypt beat painfully...
Templar is an ideal option for this role. As besides his self-healing he has a huge number of abilities to support the group, for example, Luminous Shards, which is very useful if at some point you need to support a tank or someone of DD by additional boost of magicka and stamina. Also let’s don’t forget about Nova, although in our case Templar mainly used War Horn as an ultimate ability, what significantly enhances not only the overall group damage, but also its survival.
And, of course, you will need two DD. In principle, these duties can be carried out by Sorcerer or Nightblade, and even by Dragon Knight upon using an appropriate build.
Our choice is two Sorcerers, because of their great Negate Magic ultimate ability (which is more than appropriate for large packs of monsters), the best AOE in the game (Area of Effect - the ability, causing massive damage within the area) and an excellent finisher (ability, which causes the increased damage to the enemy having a small reserve of health).


So, as we want not just to pass the dungeon, but also to accomplish all three hard modes, which include time limit and death interdiction, the main thing while passing the crypt is absence of nerves and haste, but at the same time you have to be quick and to have clear understanding of the situation. As it is said, "make haste slowly."
While entering the crypt you will encounter the first pack of monsters. It’s a cocktail of magicians-necromancers, spiders and two Flesh Atronachs, which you have to beware of most of all. Tactic is simple: tank is dealing with Atronachs, DDs fill out everything with tons of damage, and healer keeps an eye out. Also, don’t forget to interrupt the casts of the magicians, which sometimes begin frantically heal their meat friends. Generally, it’s a common tactic for all big packs of monsters.
Right after the first pack you will face the second one in a narrow corridor. This pack consists of healers and Nightblade mobs. By using only Negate Magic ultimate ability you can make them all fall into catatonia, and a large amount of AOE will not give them possibility to recollect themselves...
Jump into the hole in the floor and finally you encounter the first boss - Ibelgast. He has 44030 HP, an unpleasant attack power and two servants-healers.

Tactics of killing Ibelgast is unsophisticated:
Tank taunts the boss and stands up close to him, never leaving this area. It’s important, since the boss often casts around him a special AOE-spell, which damages only the perimeter of the ring, but does no damages in the center. And don’t forget to block a power attack of the boss, who has such a “heavy” hand.
DDs kill healers by focused attack or simultaneously, depends on the personal preferences and damage caused by DD). Besides this, after a while another wave of mobs is appearing (archers or healers). Healers should be killed quickly, so they will not have time to heal the boss, and archers, in principle, can be even ignored (although you still should kill them later, as they don’t disappear with the death of the boss).
Also one of the worth noting unpleasant features is that the boss sometimes uses Negate Magic, so no one except tank should stay next to him.
In the next corridor you will face another crowd, in which for the first time we meet the new unpleasant opponent - Ogrim. Not only that he often (despite of his size) builds up speed as a Boeing before flying-off, and it is highly not recommended to fall under his "deadly path" (or a tank should stop his promenade by a block), but also in the critical moment he starts to thump his chest calling friends to help, among which you can find healers or nightblades. All of them should be killed quickly, but in priority better to start from healers.

So, now the second boss of crypt in the form of a huge spider with the unpronounceable name Ruzozuzalpamaz is in front of us. Nice lady: 54780 HP, waves of adds-spiders, ability to wrap someone of the party mates into a cocoon and distasteful AOE-ability for a dessert.


Tank stays in the center taunting the boss by picking her with the sword in a relaxing mode. Other mates take places along the perimeter of the room, not very close to each other, but also not very far.
If someone of the party was wrapped in the cocoon, the other mate should run up to him and click “X” for unraveling.
From time to time the boss casts AOE-attack - the red circle on the floor, which heavily hits with lightnings and slowly follows someone of the party. The mate who is followed by the circle should run away from it along the perimeter of the room to avoid the other mates to be caught in the circle (especially mates entangled in a cocoon).
Besides this, it is necessary to kill the small spiders, which are summoned by the boss. Although, their presence is not crucial.
You can get through another portion of monsters inhabiting the next corridor with the help of Negate Magic and АОЕ-attack.
Then we open the massive door and find ourselves in a room with a swimming pool surrounded by skeletons. We brazenly break into the sauna (based on the reaction of skeletons, we understand that it’s a sauna for women) and put everything in order.

Behind the next door, which opens with the help of two columns on each side, the third boss of Crypt is waiting for us. Chamber Guardian with his 52764 HP also is the skeleton and he can summon the creatures of his kind, but significantly smaller.
It’s quite easy to kill this boss: tank taunts, healer heals, DDs kill smaller skeletons and the big one afterwards. As for the worth noting features, this the boss sometimes casts the fear in a form of purple ghost. You can get free of its effect by pressing the left and the right mouse buttons. Also, it’s better not to get into the area of his power attacks, which are not so fatal, but extremely unpleasant.
So, we are running forward at the same time killing another group of monsters leaded by Ogrim, and get into the great hall, where we encounter a crowd of monsters in the truest sense of this word. Negate Magic, Dragonknight Standart and Nova will help us to deal with them quickly.
At the end of the long hall you can see the pile of coal, which is there for a reason. When you get closer to this pile, two mini-bosses Ilamris-Athor (twins with 27252 HP each) fall down from the top. It is enough to kill one of the twins in order to get rid of them.
After finishing with Ilamris-Athor, the new boss of Crypt in the form of a huge bone Atronach is appearing. Ilambris Amalgam spectacularly excavates himself from that same pile of coals and immediately conjures a quite powerful AOE-spell around him. That’s why it’s better to wait at a safe distance during the moment of his appearing.
Here everything is quite serious: the boss has 115867 HP, heavy hand and bad Nordic temper expressed in strong and chaotic AOE, which he spreads around him. In this context the skeletons summoned by him seem a trifle.

Tactics of killing:
Tank taunts the boss and keeps him in that part of the hall where he was born. The other three mates are staying at the other end of the hall and cast distant attacks towards the boss at the same time killing the annoying skeletons.
At the moment when the boss chaotically starts to throw AOE around him, which looks like the red circles with falling flaming arrows, the whole group except the tank keeps the distance from the boss and peacefully kills the oncoming skeletons. Tank continues to keep the boss at the far end of the hall and runs away from the circles trying to survive.
Also after losing 50% of HP the boss summons two twins-skeletons, which are absolutely uncontrollable. So, it’s better to kill them to avoid an unpleasant aftermath.
In the final phase the boss really goes mad and starts to throw his AOE-attacks like a crazy within the whole area of the hall. Here everything depends on how quickly DDs can wipe him out by their finishers.
In the room behind the boss’s back there is a dead end. So, instead of entering that room, we run into a side branch of the corridor, killing on the corner another pretty large crowd of monsters emerging from the black portal, as well as the other large crowd in the hall with columns, where the final events of ordinary non-veteran Crypt of Hearts are happening.
At the end of the hall we will face the fifth boss of veteran Crypt - Mezeluth. With his 57239 HP, he is at the same time the easiest and the most strange boss of the Crypt, because if you don’t know the tactics of his killing, he can also turn up the most complicated.

The group mates take positions on the 4 sidelines around the boss and start to kill him. The boss beats not strongly and sometimes throws the fiery circles on the floor, which are easy to avoid.
But also the boss regularly pulls all four players to himself, and the red-and-black circles (void zones) start to grow under the players. Besides this, some void zones begin to grow within the room. After a few seconds the boss releases players, and all the void zones are exploding. Here we come to the main subtlety of tactics: if you get at least under one explosion, you won’t find it funny. If you caught two, you are a guaranteed corpse. That’s why, as soon as you are being pulled, you turn away your camera from the boss and start to press the roll dodge in advance. As soon as you are released of control, you have to roll dodge to the edge of the room, all in different directions to avoid the overlapping of explosions. That's all. If you do everything right, you will kill Mezeluth easily.

After entering the dark portal, you find yourself in a huge gloomy hall with column of light in center. The dark blade is stuck in the floor at the heart of this column. When you come up to it and try to pull it out, you incur the wrath of the chief evildoer of Crypt of Hearts –the ancient Lich Nerien'eth.
Having 153872 HP, he doesn’t seem to be a very dangerous opponent in the beginning. But this opinion is wrong.

Tactics of killing Nerien'eth:
Tank taunts the boss, the other mates take positions all round the hall and start to beat him.
Besides the usual attacks, the boss has a few special ones:

-- Skull. The boss stops for a few seconds and starts the cast with the help of his stick. After that he throws a huge skull to one of the group mates (in principle, it’s possible to understand to whom: at the last moment he turns around, but it is better if all the players will use block). Block will protect you. If the skull is not blocked, it knocks you down and causes a very significant damage.

-- Charge. Boss crouches and quickly moves to one of the group mates. After a second he creates a powerful AoE attack around himself. It’s possible to roll out of the circle or even to run out, if you have a good reaction. Also, it’s better not to stand close to each other to avoid affecting of two players by AOE.

-- Chains. Boss holds up his stick and began to cast AOE in the form of chains from the floor and red circles aimed at each player of the group (he does this for four times (i.e., 16 chains in total)). You can run out of the circle. So, as soon as the boss starts to throw the chains, all of you have to be constantly on the move without crossing trajectories and continuing to throw the distant attacks to the boss.

-- Students. Regularly the boss teleports himself to the one of three large round gratings in the floor of the hall and summons his two servants - Students. Originally they have human appearance, but then they turn into Wraith and start to chase the party mates, trying to make some illegal actions with them. Each of the students has 7547 HP, and they beat VERY painfully. So, it is highly undesirable if they start to beat someone except the tank.
So, as to accomplish the achievement of The Blade's Edge, 4 students have to be alive before the final phase of the boss (in total the boss summons three pairs of students (in case of the party with a good DPS)), therefore the first pair can be killed. Tank should deal with the second and the third pairs. In an ideal scenario, the third pair should be summoned directly before the final phase of the boss (35% HP), as it’s not a trivial task to control four students, the boss and at the same time to try to survive.
At 35% HP there is a beginning of the final phase of the boss. It is evident from the fact that he runs to the center of the room and pulls out his Dark Blade.
Everyone quickly run to the center and direct all the damaging ultimate abilities to the students and boss, students die at this time, and the fun begins.
The boss paralyzes the whole group for a few seconds. Then he grabs someone of the players and slowly, with sadistic pleasure, starts to place him on the blade. At the same time the boss is protected by the shield, which blocks a certain amount of damage. The task for the rest of the group is to cause more damage than the shield can sustain. If the task is achieved, the boss leaves the captured player, and the fun continues. If not, our friend is dying, and Deadly Crypt Survivor hard mode will be postponed till the next time.
And with all this, do not forget about the chains from the floor, which still continue to annoy us.
If the process of placing the player on the blade was interrupted, the boss continues to beat the tank. Sometimes he charges someone of the group mates, causing about 80% HP damage, if you didn’t use the block in time. So, keep eyes open and try to be constantly alert with a full supply of power.
If the group has a good DPS, the boss will die fast enough. If DPS is not very good, the process with the improvised skewer could be repeated. And it will last till the game is over.

If the guide was useful for you, you passed the Crypt of Hearts, fulfilled hard modes, and everything succeeded, it means that my recommendations were not in vain. So, my best congratulations to you!
At the end of the article there is a video with the record of passing the veteran Crypt of Hearts with the performance of all three hard modes and obtaining the 5 achievements by the group of our guild - elGuardia.
In conclusion I would like to say that if you are a good PVE (as well as PWP) player and look for a good company for the game, the guild which matches your ambitions, you are always welcomed in elGuardia. Visit our website, forum, teamspeak, look through our game guides and PWP-sketches, and join us!
Sincerely yours CatOfFay, elGuardia leader. Thank you for your attention, watch the video!

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