The Elder Scrolls Online now on Steam!

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Now everyone can buy The Elder Scrolls Online in Steam gaming service.

Now everyone can buy The Elder Scrolls Online in Steam gaming service.

Until July 21 you can purchase a basic version of the game with 50% discount for 1149 rubles and 50 kopecks or $ 14.99 in the CIS. Cost of Imperial Edition within discount period is 2099 rubles and 40 kopecks.
Just in one day the game reached top-2 in Steam’s ranking of sales!
Developers also informed that it’s not possible to extend subscription via Steam wallet. To do this, player will have to use the official website of The Elder Scrolls Online.
Players which purchase Imperial Edition in Steam before July 21 will receive a free exclusive pet - Whiterun Wolfhound.

Players will not be able to brag to each other about their achievements in the game via Steam interface, but the game supports system of Steam Collectible Cards, so fans got another way to express their love for the game.

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More details you can find on TESO official site


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