The Division 2: Brand Set Bonuses

Jul 10 2019 3 min read

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The Divison 2 is an online action role-playing video game which is a sequel to Tom Clancy's The Division. The plot itself is set in Washington D.C. in the aftermath of a smallpox pandemic, seven months after the previous game. Having said that, the game itself is playing from a third-person perspective and allows you to complete missions with up to four of your friends. At the beginning of the game, the player can create their own Division agent.

Apart from that, there are various different firearms, assault rifles, SMGs and different item sets which provide bonuses. For example, wearing gear from the same brand will give you a small performance boost. In addition tot he gear, you also get to unlock different skills as you level up. 

Having said that, The Division 2 Brand sets are a new feature and apply to all armor pieces that you pick up along the way. The bonuses which you can get usually max out at three items, which means that there are plenty of mixes for you to try.  As for the brands themselves, there are eighteen of them in total.

Also, those brands are not the same as the gear sets themselves, which are also available in the game. Let's take a look at the different brand and their bonuses.

Division 2 Brands

  • Murakami Industries is the first one on the list. When equipped, it provides + 8 health, + 10% hazard protection and +15% firefly skill power. 
  • Airaldi Holdings - a very powerful bonus which emphasizes mostly on the offensive part of the game. It will give you +10% accuracy, +10% headshot damage and +10% MMR damage.
  • Alps Summit Armament - yet again another offensive brand which can greatly increase your damage output. If you get it, you will be able to get +10% cooldown reduction, +5% skill power, and +15% Hive skill power.
  • China Light Industries Corporation - as the name suggests, this brand mostly focuses on the flashy damage stuff. It gives you +10% explosive damage, +10% shotgun damage and +10% cooldown reduction.
  • Douglas & Harding - a relatively weaker brand which also increases your damage by a bit. When equipped, it provides +5% accuracy, + 10.0% critical hit damage and +7% critical hit chance. 
  • Overlord Armaments - unlike the rest, this brand is more focused on specifics. It will give you +10% rifle damage, +7.5% total armor and +7% damage to elites.
  • Petrov Defence Group - similar to the previous one, this brand is mostly focused on increasing a specific type of damage. In this case, you get +10% LMG damage, +15% Turret skill power and +10% cooldown reduction
  • Providence Defence - again, as the name suggests, this brand is mostly emphasizing on defense. It provides you with +10% skill power, +8% Health and +5% weapon damage
  • Richer & Kaiser GmbH - A very powerful brand which gives you +10% hazard protection, +20% pistol damage, and +15% shield skill power.
  • Sokolov Concern - one very popular brand in the game which has a somewhat East European vibe to it. When equipped, it provides +10% SMG damage, +8%  critical hit damage and + 15% Seeker skill power
  • Yaahl Gear - a brand which gives you +10% weapon handling, +8% hazard protection and +5% weapon damage.
  • Wyvern Wear - +7% critical hit damage, +15% Drone skill power, and +10% critical hit chance.
  • Gila Guard - one of the most defensive brands which also has very interesting bonuses. Apart from the armor, this one also provides a whopping 20% hazard protection and 15% Pulse skill power.
  • Fenris group AB - This brand gives you assault rifle damage, protection from elites and a very strong +20% health on kill.
  • Badger Tuff - When equipped, this brand will give you + 7% damage to elites, +15% armor on a kill and +15% Chem Launcher skill power
  • 5.11 Tactical - yet again another defensive brand which is very strong in certain scenarios. When used, it will give you 5% protection from elites, extra incoming healing, and weapon handling.
  • Česká Výroba s.r.o. - an interesting brand which provides +10.0 health on kill, 10% shotgun damage and a decent amount of health - 15%
  • Goal Gear - 10% hazard protection, 10% protection from elites and 8% total armor.

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