The choice of the villain in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint explained

May 10 2019 2 min read

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Yesterday, Ubisoft officially unveiled Ghost Recon: Breakpoint – the latest entry in the series and a direct sequel to Wildlands. Not only the game ties the story but also features the main villain who has already been introduced in the previous title and is portrayed by the actor Jon Bernthal.

We are talking about Cole D. Walker whose first appearance in the series has happened rather recently in the update for Ghost Recon: Wildlands. In Breakpoint, he takes over the role of the main antagonist armed with cutting edge technology, military drones, and his very own organization called Wolves. Although “mirror” villains are somewhat of a cliché in the entertainment industry, Cole D. Walker perfectly fits the role – he’s a former Ghost operative who’s turned against the organization. He’s a tough opponent and a worthy one – he has access to modern equipment that’s previously been the exceptional advantage of Ghosts. The developers from Ubisoft explained Dualshockers the reason behind choosing such a character as the antagonist.

When we started the project and said we wanted a deeper storyline that we used to have, the first statement we had was, “What is stronger than the Ghosts?” Since we always say they’re the best of the best, it was hard to find someone stronger. If you faced the Ghosts you’d have to face the worst enemy you can meet. That’s the reason we designed the Wolves since you are the leader of the Ghosts, we needed someone to embody the leader of the Wolves.

In regards to choosing Jon Bernthal as the actor to portray this role, the developers noted his military background and overall career experience where he mostly played tough characters – take the Punisher, for instance. Let’s hope Cole D. Walker proves to be a convincing villain.

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