The Chinese “shuffle the cards”

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A series of grand reshuffles within DotA 2 community has been ended in China



The Chinese “shuffle the cards”

A series of grand reshuffles within DotA 2 community has been ended in China.

Probably the dissolution of DK team, which simply lost all its players, has become the most dramatic news. American Mushi came back home, Chinese LaNm and BurNing announced the completion of their professional career, and another two Chinese members joined the other teams: iceiceice entered the lineup of VG, and MMY chose LGD.

At the same time the other leading Chinese teams on DotA 2 have announced their lineups. Invictus Gaming, which won The International tournament in 2012, has got two new players: Lin 'June' Shi Yang and Li 'CHisbug' Chen. Besides them, the lineup of IG consists of Chinese Luo 'Luo' Yinqi, Luo 'Ferrari_430' Feichi and Malaysian Wong Hock 'ChuaN' Chuan.

Singapore pro-gamer iceiceice, as we have already noticed, has joined Vici Gaming. Besides this, the lineup of VG has been strengthened by German player Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier. They will play together with Chinese Lu 'Fenrir' Chao, Lin Sen 'Fy' Xu and Jun Hao 'Super!' Xie.

As for the team LGD-Gaming, the greatest changes have happened here: the only player from the previous lineup (Zheng Zheng 'Yao' Yao) has remained in the team; all the other players are newcomers. By the way, LGD-Gaming consists not only of the players of the first lineup, it also has some reserve players. The full list of team’s members is as follows:

Zheng Zheng "Yao" Yao;
Zheng 'Faith' Hongda;
Liu "Sylar" Jiajun;
He "Inflame" Yongzheng;
Lei "MMY" Zengrong;
Ziyang "Lin" Xu;
Fat Meng "ddc" Leong;
Xiaodong "Injuly" Yang.

Today the period of transfers is closing in China. So, most probably, that we will not have any other additional sensations concerning players’ transfers. In general, the time of grand reshuffles is over. Now we can only expect the grand tournament victories from these teams.

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