The British Army needs gamers

Jan 04 2019 2 min read

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Brexit is coming! And the British Army intensified its actions to summon a new batch of motherland-defenders. The time has come for 'binge gamers', 'snow flakes', 'me me me millennials' and 'phone zombies'  to serve for the country, however, Brits do know how to build an advertising campaign in every sphere of life. 

'Are you a binge gamer?' the British Army's new poster asks. 'The Army needs you and your drive.'

Your Army Needs You is a new recruitment campaign (Uncle Sam, stop building a wall, turn your sight to gamers), with a purpose to show that the Army is stereotypes. For example, 'binge gamers' have a drive meaning passion, energy, willing to strive and fight.

These posters are an obvious remake on the famous Lord Kitchener-fronted recruitment posters used in 1914 to encourage people of Great Britain to fight in World War 1.

British Army Major General Paul Nanson said: 'The Army sees people differently and we are proud to look beyond the stereotypes and spot the potential in young people, from compassion to self-belief. We understand the drive they have to succeed and recognize their need for a bigger sense of purpose in a job where they can do something meaningful.'

The Army struggled for new recruits in 2018, apparently, so there's some pressure for this new campaign to pay off.

You can even check YouTube for a series of videos made by the Mighty Army of Her Magisty.


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