The Boomsday Project. Legendary Cards. What to dust?

Aug 05 2018 7 min read

The Boomsday Project. Legendary Cards. What to dust? ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Let’s dive right into it, shall we? :)

Dr. Morrigan. Ok, this one needs some usage prerequisites. For now the card looks a bit weak and you’ll probably want to dust it and get 400 extra dust for other cards in your collection.

The Soularium. Oh yeah, this expansion gives every hero a class-specific spell which fit the needs of every hero very well, according to the developers. This spell can be properly used by both Quest Lock and many aggressive decks. I’d recommend not dusting it, for now. There’s no hurry, so.

Luna’s Pocket Galaxy. It will take 30th slot of your deck. Doubt the class will change drastically. Perhaps the Mill Mage will rise, from the ashes, again! But the milling deck doesn’t really need this card, to be honest. Good but very slow and expensive spell.

Stargazer Luna. If you follow other Hearthstone related websites and already found a fine aggro deck for Tempo Mage, it probably contains Luna. Bear in mind that you must have universal cards which in theory can be played each turn to go through your deck quickly. The card’s not so versatile so I (the author of the article) will disenchant it.

Flobbidinous Floop. Marvelous name, marvelous minion! The card will cheapen all combos with “biggies” and make matches even more fascinating. For example, you can play Malygos or Handronox and then use Floop next turn – BOOM! So, get as many board clear tools as you can if you don’t want to play against Druid renewed in power. Totally a must-have card.

Floop’s Glorious Gloop. This one’s a bit intricate. I’d say we’ll end up not using the card as often. But we’ll see.

Kangor’s Endless Army. Looks like a great tool to bring Tempo Paladin back. If the archetype lives long enough, the spell is a must-have. Don’t dust it prematurely, wait for good decks to arrive.

Crystalsmith Kangor. Kangor wouldn’t look as useless if we’d have control meta right now but Paladin has a lot of good cards. He will be a pain in the ass for your enemy considering the 4 hp healing most of the time. Watch the meta develop before disenchanting this baddy. Also, Kangor is OP as far as the arena is concerned.

The Boomship. Summoning mechanics like this look very weird and unreliable more often than not. The spell seems to be strong but won’t be that popular in decks. Meh, 99% worth dusting. But I’ll leave a 1% chance that an incredibly powerful Mech Warrior with Rush will appear out of nowhere.

Dr. Boom, Mad Genius. These two above-mentioned cards for Warrior do not really fit each other in a deck. Again, we’ll need to wait and see how Mech Warrior decks will play out after the expansion’s out.

The Storm Bringer. Ok, easy one, 400 dust for you and 400 videos for Trolden. A prefect card to use in decks you play for FUN… and get bored of fast. Don’t bother with experimenting, it’s probably worth crafting something that will work for sure.

Electra Stormsurge. The only odd-numbered Shaman card in this expansion, besides the spell. But still, we gotta be cautious about odd-numbered Aggro Shamans. In addition, this card works great for a normal Thrall as it can be used as a double Lightning Storm, double Volcano or double healing. Do you need that playing vs Shaman? No, no one does. But the card will slowly slide into the new meta.

Myra’s Unstable Element. AHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There’s a high chance the card will fit into most of decks. Plus, it’s very versatile. So saving it? Yep!

Myra Rotspring. We don’t need Deathrattle Rogues in 2k18 and now they can draw entire deck into the hand. Maybe there will be some deck with it but outside tier 1 and 2 so +400 dust.

Zerek’s Cloning Gallery. I think this card might be used in various OTK decks with Velen, Malygos, etc. However, no one can guarantee that you’ll draw the necessary minions before the Cloning Gallery. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good spell but seems to be too expensive and risky. Dusting this one away.

Zerek, Master Cloner. Hard to evaluate him at this point but our editorial staff didn’t like Zerek at all. Yeah, you can summon him several times but you have to spend resources and build a deck around him in order to do that successfully. Conclusion: dust him, build a Druid deck and enjoy the game.

Flark’s Boom-Zooka. Deathrattle minions, spells and Rhok'Delar – here’s where Boom-Zooka will work perfectly, in theory. You trade the table, trigger deathrattles and everyone’s happy (besides your opponent, of course). On the other hand, it’d not that easy to find the spell when you need it. But devs added lots of good stuff for Hunters this expansion but we’ll discuss that in detail in our next review.

Boommaster Flark. Well, I am not sure about this one… too obscure and weak. Free dust.

Harbinger Celestia. “Mirror entity” but on low settings. Frankly speaking, it looks very weak and works only when your opponent doesn’t have “bad” minions. She won’t get into good decks, 100%.

Subject 9. Oh well, what can I say? On one hand, you draw 5 cards but common sense insists that the card will only play in Hunter decks. But Secret based Rexxar does not seem so powerful right now, so you can safely dust Subject 9. Bring in Subject 10!

Mecha’thun. Alright, alright, this guy made all the buzz and flow of ideas. Every portal offers you their versions of the decks which would be perfectly covered in a dedicated article. Our editorial found a decent Rogue deck so we’ll keep the legendary mechanism for now. The deck might be similar to Death Knight Paladin: it won’t have opponents, you’re just playing on your own. If you found all necessary cards and board clears, that's pretty much easy victory. GG WP. 

Zilliax. Ala’kir, is that you? :) We know that’s you. Looks great and really refreshing, especially thanks to Magnetism. Keep it, trust me – you’ll have your dose of fun with it.

Whizbang the Wonderful. Perfect card for those who just joined the Hearthstone community. No dust and required cards to climb to Legend? No worries! Just craft this cute little mage. Oh, by the way, Whizbang will be available for arena drafts and Blizzard tournaments

Do you remember recommended decks for each class within the game? Whizbang will recreate one of them for your class! Genius!

If you’re a buzz killer, then dust it; if you’re just starting out, then it’s a must-have for you. Hope that Blizz will eventually move the card into the classic set and keep it in Standard mode.

But, these are just our predictions. After release of the expansion our scientific experimenters from Doctor Boom’s Lab will demonstrate all decks they will build.



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