The best team composition in VALORANT

Apr 22 2020 5 min read

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Riot Games' new tactical shooter, VALORANT, continues to bolster insane viewership online and even has a few tournaments under its belt. Victory in VALORANT is heavily dependant on your ability to outgun your opponents, but more so in the abilities that the Agents bring to the game. Proper and efficient uses of the abilities that the Agents offer within the server is extremely important. Still, it is even more important to ensure you have Agents that complement one another and offer advantages in a plethora of situations. So, which five Agents are the best to have on your team? 



Sage is an extremely powerful Agent and a must-have for any team. She offers free healing with her Healing Orb that can be used multiple times a round. Her Slow Orb is another tool that is extremely efficient at denying entry or escapes from choke points. After patch 0.47, the ice on the ground will no longer provide an audio cue for players that are moving in it, but it is still very useful. Sage's Barrier Orb is another tool in her kit that is extremely useful in denying entry into bomb sites and providing information for enemy location when they break it. Using the Barrier Orb effectively will not only help guarantee a post-plant victory but also provide information to your team on the defending side. Sage's ultimate is Resurrection, which brings an allied Agent back to life. It is pretty obvious how this could be a useful ability in any given situation.



Cypher is an extremely important facet in almost every team composition in VALORANT. Each of his abilities offers tons of information for his team and can be used in unison with many Agents in the game. His Trapwire is a device he can place on important choke points on the defending side, as well as using them to negate flanks and retakes in the post-plant on the attacking side. The Cypher Cyber Cage is a tool that blocks vision and can trap enemy Agents. When combined well with his Trapwire, the Cyber Cage can guarantee a kill for your team. His Spycam ability allows him to place a camera that he can look through to call out targets and help gather information on the opposing team's tactics. It can also shoot a tracking dart that forces the affected player to have to take a short time to remove it or continue to be seen by the enemy team. Cypher's ultimate, Neural Theft, allows Cypher to throw his hat onto a fresh corpse of the enemy and briefly reveals the location of everyone on the enemy team, which is another ability that impacts the game immensely.



Brimstone is another essential piece in every team composition due to his utility. Brimstone's Sky Smoke ability is probably the single best piece of his kit. Sky Smoke allows Brimstone to pull up a mini-map and place up to three clouds of smoke in vital choke points or favorable angles, whether on the defending or attacking side. Brimstone also has a Stim Beacon that offers an AoE RapidFire buff, which increases rate of fire, reload speed, weapon swap speed, and recoil spread recovery by 10%. He also has an Incendiary ability, which allows him to fire a molotov. Brimstone's ultimate, Orbital Strike, allows him to pull up his mini-map and place a giant laser beam that can help clear bomb sites, or even make for a guaranteed victory in the post-plant by pressuring a defuse of the spike.



Breach is an Agent that helps get your team into sites, whether on a retake or on the attacking side. Breach's Aftershock ability causes an explosion on the other side of a wall that deals AoE damage, which is super helpful at clearing positions and angles. Flashpoint is a similar ability to Aftershock, but instead of dealing AoE damage, it is an AoE stun to any Agent in the zone. Once again, this is another great tool for pushing defenders out of favorable positions. Fault Line is an ability that has to be charged, but once it is, it fires an earthquake type effect that disorients all Agents that are hit by it. And last but certainly not least, is Breach's ultimate, Rolling ThunderRolling Thunder is about as devastating as it sounds. Rolling Thunder works just like Fault Line, only it travels much further without having to charge it, and has a larger AoE range.



For your fifth slot, there are quite a few viable options. But, given how important information gathering is in VALORANTSova fits and helps the team immensely. In comparison to VALORANTCS:GO is the only other shooter that comes close. One thing that is not available in CS:GO is a tool that gathers information for free, without any risk to a player's life. Due to this feature being present in VALORANT, it is an extremely useful tool to utilize. Sova has an Owl Drone, which is a little drone that Sova can pilot to gather information on the enemy team, and it can shoot a tracking dart that pulses three times when stuck to an enemy. Sova's Shock Bolt is an arrow that does AoE splash damage to any Agent in the blast and can be bounced up to two times to get it in cheeky places. Sova's Recon Bolt is an arrow that pulses three times and reveals any enemies in its line of sight and can be bounced up to two times like the Shock Bolt. This tool is not only useful in revealing enemies by scanning, but it must be shot by the enemy team to prevent the scan, which still offers your teammates information at no risk. Sova's ultimate, Hunter's Fury, allows him to shoot three arrows through walls that kills in two hits and reveals the enemy if they are hit. Hunter's Fury can be combined with his other scouting tools to ensure maximum damage, or it can be fired off to help defend or infiltrate a bomb site. It can also be used like Brimstone's ultimate in the post-plant to ensure that a defuse won't be able to happen.


What do you think of this team? Would you swap out any of the Agents listed? Let us know!


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