The best team comp in TFT 10.10

May 25 2020 4 min read

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Teamfight Tactics 10.10 offers many viable options when it comes to successful team compositions. From hyper rolling Kha'Zix or Xayah to assembling the Star Guardians or Mech Infiltrators, there truly seems to be many ways to get that much-needed victory. But, despite the offered diversity, there seems to be one team comp that stands out above the rest once it's successfully assembled — enter Chrono Kayle.


Ascend = win

Kayle is a mighty unit in TFT 10.10. Her ultimate, Ascend, makes it so that she goes into a flurry of wave attacks that deal good damage and come out quickly. Ascend isn't a one-use then recharge type ability. It makes all of Kayle's attacks deal bonus magic damage in a small cone until the end of combat. Trust me; it's as insane as it sounds. I even had people in-game chat asking if that was intended or a bug for her to ultimate forever.

Kayle is the key factor in this team comps success, but she does require some items to maximize her damage output and range. I believe the most essential item for Kayle is Rapid FirecannonRapid Firecannon gives +30% attack speed, which is great, but the reason this item is necessary is that it triples her attack range, making it so that you can put her in the furthest hex and still attack without moving forward. This increased range helps ensure that Kayle will get her ultimate and nuke the enemy team without dying a miserable death. 

The next essential item is QuicksilverQuicksilver makes it so that Kayle is immune to all crowd control effects for the first 10 seconds of combat, while also granting 20% dodge chance and 20 magic resistance. This item makes it so that she does not get grabbed by a Blitzcrank or hit by an Ashe arrow and die before she ults.

The third item can be one of two things. Guardian Angel is a viable option to make double sure that Kayle ults even if she does die while offering 25 armor and 15 more damage. The other option is Guinsoo's Rageblade, which makes it so that all attacks give 4% attack speed, stacking infinitely, along with 20 ability power and another 15% attack speed

Assembling Kayle correctly can be difficult, but it is almost as cool as getting all the pieces to Exodia, almost.

How the game plays out

Another reason Chrono Kayle is such a good team composition is that it offers an extremely lax early game. In the multiple games that I built it, my early game was rarely the same as one prior. This build fields some high tier units, making it so that the only tier one unit is Xayah. Don't freak out if your early game is lackluster, that's not what you're playing for with Chrono Kayle anyway. Assemble some Vanguards or Blasters if possible to win the early game, but don't fret too much about how you get those wins.

You want to ensure that you get to level 8 quickly to guarantee a higher probability on Tier 4 and 5 rolls, but there is a delicate balance. You don't want to level up at the expense of losing gold bonuses. Try to maintain the ten gold bonus at the very least, but get it higher if you can. Don't fret over three starring units either, I won multiple games with all units only being two stars, and with some Tier 5s being only one star.


The rest of the team

There are a few ways to build Chrono Kayle, and I'll share a couple of examples. Here is the one from Tacter that I had the most success with:


This is another version of the build from Mobalytics that makes use of some different champions:


Once again, I am not saying that Chrono Kayle is the only viable build in TFT 10.10. I have also seen success with Shredder, Candy Land, and Infil Mechs. In fact, I think Infil Mechs is a stronger comp, but it is much more difficult to assemble in comparison to Chrono Kayle, which is why I chose to highlight Chrono Kayle as the better, more consistent comp. But, seeing her nuke the enemy team, even causing them to type in chat, does prove to me that Kayle is one of the strongest units to build around in the game, if not the strongest. I highly doubt Kayle will remain untouched by Riot Games, so enjoy her while you can.


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