The best RPGs of all time on PC

Oct 02 2019 13 min read

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In case you don't know, RPG stands for a role-playing game, which is basically a specific type of game where players take control over characters. Usually, this happens in some kind of fictional world where they have some sort of task to do. In most cases, this involves progressing through a leveling system, getting the right items and more.

There are usually a couple of different forms of role-playing games. For example, one of them is the tabletop role-playing game where you have to progress through the game via discussions. Needless to say, the RPG game genre went through many changes throughout the years. In fact, there are many other none-RPG games that implemented some of the mechanics from the RPGs and they turned out to work wonders. That's why nowadays, it's really impossible to find a game that does not have any sort of connection to an RPG.

Today, we will take a look at some of the best RPG games ever made. Every single title here has proven itself to be very interesting in terms of every aspect of the RPG's. What's more, some of them even have a significant place in gaming history in general. 

Let's take a look at some of the best RPG games ever made for a PC.

Torment: Tides of Numenera

This is definitely not a game that many people are familiar with but nonetheless, it is still a classic when it comes down to RPG games. Torment: Tides of Numenera is all about playing different characters and progress through the difficult challenges in the fiction world that you are put in. Even though the game is pretty old at this point, it still remains close to the hearts of many people because it has unique gameplay.

 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 

This 2004 game is based on White Wolf's World of Darkness, which is absolutely awesome. As the name of the title suggests, there are different types of vampires here that roam around Los Angeles and your job is to survive and overcome the different obstacles that you may encounter during the way. 

Despite the fact that the game is pretty old, there are still people that play it until today. Sadly, the developer called Troika Games seized to exist just a couple of months after they released this game, so don't expect to have a new version anytime soon.

Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity is a very cool game that is based on the success of some of the previous versions - Baldur's Gate and Icewind Date. The game has amazing mechanics and even though it was released back in 2015 is still has a lot of fans nowadays as well. However, probably the biggest strength of Pillars of Eternity is the various dialogues that you will stumble across while playing it. What's more, the outcome of those dialogs depends a lot on your very own stats. So, if you have too much strength, for example, some of the people you talk to might be intimidated and decide to give you the information that you need.

All in all, this is definitely a game that we recommend to those who like to dive into very in-depth gameplay. If you are one of those "run-and-shoot" types of people, this is definitely not going to suit you.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This is definitely one of the most recognizable game titles in the world right now.  In fact, there are many reasons for the success of this amazing title but the core if it has to be an amazing story. Needless to say, there are various different interesting quests that you can undertake and each of them has something new to offer to the players. Some of them require sheer brute force to complete whereas others require you to think more about how to deal with the issue. 

The main character in the game is called Geralt and he is a bad-ass monster-slaying person who has one job - kill everything that stands in his way in order to complete his big goal. If you have not played this game yet, we definitely advise you to do so.


Bastion is another old-school game that has managed to stay relevant even today. It has really amazing art and storyline which involves a hero that has the task of surviving in a world where everything seems to be deadly.  Another thing that this game is famous for is the different soundtracks that definitely made this game stand out against some of the titles of 2011.

Sunless Sea

As the name of the title suggests, Sunless Sea is about an underground ocean that has many deadly things such as monsters and other types of danger. Needless to say,  your job will be to lead a crew that will sail upon it. While doing this, you will encounter various challenges which will require you to fight for your life in order to survive.

This game offers various cool dialogues, engaging quests and more, which means that it will appeal to a lot of people who are looking something more than just fighting beasts.

Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia is all about combat and bounding with your friends, which are the reasons why this game because such a huge hit when it first got released. In addition to that, this game also has tons of plot twists, storylines and other types of things which all add up to its popularity. What's more, unlike the previous version of this game that was 2D, this one is based on a 3D space, which is definitely a huge step forward.


Even though EverQuest was not really the first MMO, at the time when this game got released, this was one of the hottest game genres. Sadly, today that's not really the case anymore because there are other types of game that excel.

EverQuest features an amazing open-world that has many amazing fictional creatures as well as NPCs that look very real. Of course, since this is an MMO, there was an enormous landmass for the players to explore. It could literally take you weeks just to walk in every single place. Sure, it might not be as big as World of Warcraft for example but still, this game was definitely something else when it was new.

As soon as you get to the highest level, you could just make an entirely different character so that you don't get bored with your current one. All in all, this is definitely a game we recommend for those of you who love MMOs. However, if you are not into this genre it will definitely be something that you won't be into.

Titan Quest

There are not that many games from 2006 that are still relevant fifteen years later. Needless to say, Titan Quest is one of the biggest classics when it comes down to RPGs. Sure, people might say that it is a Diablo-ripoff and even though this might be true up to a point, it's still a damn good one. After all, we've seen many Diablo rip-offs throughout the years but some of them were nowhere as good as the game that they were based on. This is not the case with Titan Quest as it has one of the best gameplays.

Once you dive in, you can explore Egypt, China and even Greece where you have to deal with various mythical enemies such as centaurs and more. The goal is to get the best gear possible until you become the strongest person in the world. 

In addition to the killings, you can do various other things to customize your characters such as trying out different combat styles and more. However, the top of the iceberg is the fact that you can even create your very own campaign once you finisht he game for the first time. This means that you can change some of the things you didn't like in favor of something else.

Titan Quest is definitely a game that we recommend you to try.

Torchlight II

RPG's are mainly about doing different campaigns where you have to deal with enemies and enhance your character. Well, Torchlight II is no exception here because there are countless of powerful enemies that you will be facing on your way to glory. 

In order to make it more interesting, the game developers added four different classes that will suit everyone's' playstyle because they are unique in their own way. What's more, you can even play with your friends online, which is yet another big plus.

Pool of Radiance

This might be one of the oldest games on the list. In fact, since it was released way back in 1998, it is possible to be even older than the vast majority of the readers nowadays. Despite that, it's definitely a classic that has something to offer even today, 21 years after it was first introduced. 

During the time of its release, this game was one of the first that offered this explore and combat the type of thing that is pretty much a must in every modern game nowadays. That's why this game is very important in terms of the history that it brings with itself.

Front Mission 3

Don't worry, we have not forgotten the people who like to fight against machines! That's where Front Mission 3 comes to play. It's probably one of the best games when it comes down to fighting giant mechanical enemies. That said, depending on how you begin your journey here, there are tow different types of gameplay. 

If you decide to help a girl at the beginning that goes by the name Emma, you will basically take the "Emma" path. On the contrary, if you don't help at all, you will be involved in "Alisa", which is the other side of this game. It all comes down to your personal preferences, so just choose whatever you think will suit you better.

However, if there is something that really stands out in this game, it has to be the mech-building opportunities. Every single mech you make during the game will stay in your inventory, which means that you can use it whenever you see fit. What's more, you can even switch the parts when one of them fails, which is just awesome!

Freedom Force

Freedom Force is very different in comparison to some of the other titles here. Definitely, the main reason for this is the fact that this game is based on the modern world unlike the fiction fantasy worlds of some of the other titles.

That said, undoubtedly the most interesting thing about this game is the combat system. There are different heroes for you to choose from (four in total) and all of them have something unique to offer. What's more, they can also interact in various ways with the surrounding environment which can result in some cool things. For example, you can even throw cars at your enemies if you happen to find some during combat. See the big light post at the end of the street? Go and grab it and you will be able to swing it and do devastating damage to your enemies. 

Also, the combat takes place in real-time which means that you can pause whenever you see fit and give instructions to your party. That's why Freedom Force is unique and it will definitely appeal to many people who want to try out something unique.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This awesome game is all about surviving. Here, you don't need to kill anything for fun. Sure, you can do it but the point is to get the needed materials that will allow you to survive and fight against the mech enemies that have taken over the world.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world game that has a lot of RPG mechanics in it. Apart from the various different objectives and the overall store line behind this game, the thing that definitely makes it stand out compared to some other games are the distinctive and instantly-recognizable universe, an open world full of amazing graphics and other types of cool elements.

If you are into hunting and killing giant mechanical beasts that have taken over your world, this is definitely the game for you. In addition, there are various plot twists a well, which adds up to the uniqueness of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Divinity: Original Sin

At first glance, this game looks like a very simple RPG where you just run around and do stuff.  However, once you get to know the game and how to play it properly you will realize that there is a lot more into it. 

There are many small details that will make you love this game instantly. For example, in most MMORPGs, the NPCs only react to your actions once you talk with them but if you don't, they just stay there and do nothing. In the case of Divinity: Original Sin, this is not the case because the NPCs will often react in a very realistic way depending on your action. Small things like that always add up to the experience which is why many people love this game. Also, if you try to walk into the home of someone for no reason, chances are that the NPC might even beat you up. This completely unheard of in other games.

No matter where you go, there are always cool things to do in every single location. This means that if you are one of those types of players that like to get involved in different things, this is definitely the game for you!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  

Released back in 2011 for every single platform possible, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most recognizable names when it comes down to MMORPGs. In fact, it is also one of the most popular games ever made because at one point it had one of the biggest communities, despite the fact that the game required pretty high PC components when it was new.

Skyrim is all about the adventure. No matter where you go, there will always be a new unique experience. When you combine that with the massive open-world environment, you have a recipe for success. This game allows you to progress through the campaign by doing various unique missions, dealing with some very strong enemies and more.

Needless to say, Skyrim was one of the most "revolutionary" titles when it first was announced. What's even more impressive is that this happens during the peak of the RTS games, when MMO's slowly started to fade away. 

Regardless you like RPGs or not, you have to agree that Skyrim has a special place in the history of gaming.

World of Warcraft

Last, but most definitely not least, we have probably the best game ever made - World of Warcraft. To be honest, calling WoW a game might be a bit of understatement because it has grown to be something a lot more than just a game. Not only are there many books regarding WoW but recently, Blizzard, the creators of this amazing game, even made a movie about it. This all has to show that World of Warcraft is really an "immortal" title when it comes down to games. No wonder that it still has over 10 MILLION (yes, million), active subscribers, even though it's been 15 years since the game was first released.

Of course, this game had its ups and downs throughout the years. In fact, a couple of years ago, many people thought that it will be dead and gone after the recent expansion turn out to be not as impressive as they thought it would be. However, not only did it survive, but Blizzard actually gave the fans what they wanted  - a remake of the original WoW game called WoW Classic. Since it got launched a couple of months ago, WoW has been the most popular game on Twitch and it seems like this trend will continue.

In terms of gameplay, there are not that many games out there that can offer as much as WoW does. You can choose from many different classes and races and each of them has its strengths and weaknesses. Once you make up your mind, you can just dive into the enormous open world and start to progress in order to get the maximum level in the game. During that time, you can also take part in various activities such as rides,  PVP and more.


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