“The Baller” vehicle is coming to Fortnite soon

Mar 11 2019 2 min read

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Epic traditionally teases new content coming to Fortnite via in-game messages of the day, and the latest addition comes in the form of a new transport called “The Baller”. As it happened to most of the new Fortnite content before, the newest vehicle looks silly and cartoonish, but it’s not a bad thing at all.

There’s very little known about The Baller for now, but the looks of the vehicle give a strong vibe of those armoured glass gyrospheres from the latest Jurassic World movie. Maybe that’s because the two types of transport look pretty much identical, although the Fortnite’s one has a plunger with a winch attached at the front. This mechanism is likely to serve as a grappling hook, while it is also rumoured that The Baller will have the ability to be fueled/charged with the help of several charging stations scattered across the map. Whether it proves to be true, remains to be seen. Perhaps we’ll finally get a worthy transport to use in Fortnite since none of the previous ones was decent enough.

Right now, there’s no official word on the release date of the newest piece of content, but messages of the day usually appear in regards to the additions that are coming during the week of the announcement. In other words, this week’s patch will likely introduce The Baller to Fortnite.


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