The American Army Needs You!

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The American Army Needs You!

The U.S. Military is trying to appeal to gamers

With a shortage of new recruits, the American military is attempting to attract the attention of young gamers. Already having sponsored the ELEAGUE Boston Major in Counter-Strike earlier this year, as well as partnering up with Cloud9’s CS roster, the move into e-sports is mainly a result of falling recruitment numbers. With fewer youngsters ready to serve their country, the military’s attempt to become a more appealing career choice is not surprising.

The most notable example of an armed force utilising e-sports as a means of attracting potential recruits is the Airforce ACE StarCraft team, which existed during the game’s heyday in Korea. In a country, where military service is mandatory, the organisation offered professional gamers a chance to continue their careers during their enlistment.

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