The 5 Most Unforgettable and Biggest Misplays of LCS Spring Split 2016

Apr 01 2016 1 min read
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The regular season of the 2016 LCS Spring Split is in the books, and with the playoffs just over the horizon, we though it only appropriate to look back on the split that was.

Today, we remember the best of the best from all of the games, whether it was CLG taking down Immortals, Zven's slick dodge or Rush the Lee Sin god, this LCS split had it all!

But not every play left our jaws on the floor. In fact, some left our heads in our hands.

Whether it was Rekkles' encounter with the Chicken, the worst tower dive you've ever seen or the legendary double execute, these five moments from the 2016 Spring Split will live on in infamy — even if the players involved wish you could forget them. 

Ok, enough talk - let's watch

The 5 Most Unforgettable Plays from the 2016 LCS Spring Split

The 5 Biggest Misplays from the 2016 LCS Spring Split



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