The 5 Best Weapons in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (and Where to Find Them)

Jan 16 2021 4 min read
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In this guide, we discuss the 5 best weapons in all of Valhalla. From the early Yngling Seax to the legendary Excalibur, these blades and bows will be your best tools against the Order of Ancients and any Anglo-Saxons that get in your Eivor's way.

For a legendary Viking like Valhalla’s Eivor, their weapon has to be just as legendary. The game may have dozens of amazing weapons, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top five. Even the most sentimental of blades (Varin’s Axe) or god-wielded gear (Odin’s Spear) didn’t make the cut, so which ones did?

Male Eivor jumping over the side of his Viking longship with the Yngling Seax in hand

Yngling Seax

This one-handed dagger is found in Norway. Early on in the story, the Raven Clan raids the Notfall camp. The dagger is in a building on the southern side of the base.

As far as special abilities go, this blade’s melee damage increases after Eivor executes a successful dodge. Also, its attacks are fast and have a decently high crit chance. However, the two best things about this weapon are that you can get it so early on and that it remains a solid weapon choice throughout most of the game, particularly if you upgrade it.

Eivor pulling out a blade to battle Alefred's Battle-Sow in a large field

Petra’s Arc 

This weapon is the best precision predator bow in the game. Players can find it in Suthsexe. The only trouble is that Suthsexe is one of the more difficult kingdoms in the game, and to get the bow, you have to fight a legendary beast: Aelfred’s Battle Sow

Seasoned gamers compare the bow to a medieval sniper rifle. Outside of battle, it has an almost 100% crit chance. And even better, if your Eivor is dating a certain archer, it’s like you named a weapon after her. Romantic, right?

Eivor looking down over a large, woodsy landscape with the Carolingian Longsword over her shoulder

Carolingian Longsword

A two-handed greatsword, the Carolingian is tucked away in between Grantebridge and Thetford Forest. To the direct west of that forest is a hideout. In the back of one of the tents is a chest holding the weapon.

This blade hits hard, even without upgrades. Also, though, its unique ability gives Eivor increased critical damage after performing a finisher (stacking up to 5 times). It’s also strongest with the Bear skill-tree because that means you could wield it like a one-handed weapon if you get that specific perk, giving you the Carolingian and a bonus weapon.

Eivor using the Spinning Death Flail in battle against three bandits

Spinning Death Flail 

In Jorvik, you can find this one-handed flail. If you explore the Trade Depot (by the city’s marketplace), you can become this fantastic weapon’s new owner. 

With strong attack and stun stats, this flail does serious damage to anyone it hits. Even better, if you do a heavy finisher with it, there’s a chance it will drop a fire bomb, helping you decimate the rest of your nearby enemies.

Eivor in a cave, holding up Excalibur in the air as it glows


This is, by far, the most powerful and complicated weapon to acquire. To become the new wielder of Excalibur, Eivor has to collect the 11 Treasure of Britain tablets. They are scattered at various tricky locations across the map, from pagan caves to labyrinths. Also, you have to take down some high-powered zealots.

The 8 different locations:

  • Cave of Trials (Cent, near the coast) 
  • Grimes Graves (East Anglia, east of Middletun)
  • Santlache Mine (Suthsexe, south of the Tonbridge Monastery) 
  • Old Cellar (Essexe, by a lake southeast of Colcestre) 
  • Wiccan’s Cave (Eurvicscire, mountains west of Jorvik) 
  • Derby Spar Cavern (Snotinghamshire, northeast of Hemthorpe) 
  • Red Lichen Cavern (Hamtunscire, east of Wincestre) 
  • Wocig (Hamtunscire, northeast of Chepeham) 

The 3 zealots you have to defeat:

  • Hrothgar, roaming around Suthsexe 
  • Heike, patrolling the roads of Essexe 
  • Woden, guarding the lands of Cent 

After you have all of these pieces, it’s time to get Excalibur. Head to Hamtunscire and, specifically, Myrddin’s Cave at Stonehenge. Once there, dive into the pool of water inside. The room on the other side of the water tunnel is where you place all the Treasure of Britain tablets in their rightful spots. Finally, pull out the sword and become the Viking High King of your fantasies.

What more convincing do you need? It’s Excalibur! 

But if you must know, the sword has amazing attack power, stun chance, and crit chance. As its unique ability, heavy finishers and critical hits now blind all enemies around you. This weapon does take a lot of work to get, but it’s worth it.


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