The 5 Best Demon’s Souls Weapons

Jan 05 2021 3 min read
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From classics like the Uchigatana to the Northern Regalia, the 5 best Demon’s Souls weapons will help you survive!

In 2019, Sony released Demon's Souls, a remaster of the famous first game in the Dark Souls series. This Demon's Souls remake isn’t just about dodge rolls and eerie settings, though. Fans have some other important questions for their journey into this re-vamped Souls experience. For example, what are the greatest weapons of mass destruction this time around once you get out of Boletarian Palace? 

Let’s talk about the 5 best weapons in Demon's Souls.

A Demon's Souls player carrying the Uchigatana

1. Uchigatana

This is a versatile katana found in Island’s Edge (4-1) behind the Vanguard. If you want to avoid fighting, you can sneak your way into the treasure room if you use the underground, illusionary wall corridor. 

Why is this among the best weapons?

In any Souls game, the Uchigatana is a beloved weapon. But Giant Dad fans, beware — it is the best weapon for a dexterity build. It requires 18 strength and 13 dexterity. 

Unlike other katanas, the player does not get hurt if they use it. Also, it can attack like two-handed or one-handed weapons and excels in bleed damage.  For what it lacks in damage, this weapon makes up in versatility.

2. The Crescent Falchion

You can buy the Crescent Falchion from Graverobber Blige for 1500 souls. He can be found in-game in Island’s Edge (4-1) at the Shrine of Storms.

Why is this among the top weapons?

In particular, curved swords specialize in slash attacks: a style that does decent damage without sacrificing speed or movement. This makes the Falchion the perfect utilitarian mid-game curved sword. It doesn't rely on any specific build, which is another of the many reasons it made this best weapon list. Also, most players prefer to upgrade it into a Crescent sword (hint: use a Moonshadestone).

A Demon's Souls player aiming the Compound Long Bow at the Leechmonger

3. Compound Long Bow

Found in Island's Edge (4-1), you can retrieve the Compound Long Bow beyond the first fog door. A single Silver Skeleton archer in a tower drops it. This weapon is one of the best ways in the game to attack enemies from afar.

Why is this among the best weapons?

Beyond its very useful range, this king of bows has the greatest power of its class, and you can upgrade it into even more specialized weapons. For example, use a Compound Bow +7 and a Hard Demon's Soul to create the Lava Bow, which does do magic and a lot of fire damage. With a magic build and careful planning, you can make one overpowered archer.

4. Dragon Bone Smasher

The skull-crushing two-handed sword can be found in the Underground Temple (2-3). Moreover, you do need the pure white world tendency to have it appear in the level. 

Why is this among the top weapons?

To use the Dragon Bone Smasher, you must have 30 strength, encouraging a dedicated strength build. Once a Demon's Souls gamer gets those kinds of muscles, though, they can do 200 physical, base damage with each swing. 

When you want to improve the blade, you have to get a colorless demon’s soul, which can be farmed by killing Primeval Demons

A Demon's Souls player holding the Northern Regalia over their shoulder

5. Northern Regalia

The Northern Regalia is a two-handed weapon that you can make if you use Blacksmith Ed (not to be mistaken with his less scaly colleague, Blacksmith Boldwin). Blacksmith Ed lives in the Stonefang Tunnel (2-1).

Why is this among the best weapons?

In Demon's Souls, the Northern Regalia has some of the best overall stats. In fact, it's so popular because it doesn’t rely on stat modifiers to boost its strength. However, you do have to beat two of the final bosses just to build it (using a False King Demon Soul, Soulbrandt, and Demonbrandt).


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