The 4 Best Demon's Souls Builds (And How To Build Them)

Jan 11 2021 4 min read
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In Demon's Souls, a solid build helps turn the game from an impossible task to a winnable victory. Sure, it's still a difficult, punishing game, but our four recommended builds make can make the grind feel worth it.

Most gamers know the Dark Souls series for its difficulty level. Even if it's a remake, Demon's Souls is no different. This Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. game is unrelenting and punishing, and players have to plan their builds carefully to beat the hardcore enemies of Boletaria. But with so much cool gear in the game, what stats and equipment should you choose?

Here are our picks and tips for the 4 best builds in Demon's Souls.

A Demon's Souls hero raising the Dragon Bone Smasher above their head

The Strength Build

Best Start:

First, you need to choose a starting class. The ones with the best strength stat options are Temple Knight and Barbarian. From there, you should focus on leveling up Strength, Vitality, and Endurance stats.

Best Equipment:

As the game progresses, you should look for weapons that scale well with pure strength. Some great options are the Dragon Bone Smasher, the Great Club, and the Meat Cleaver

Your gear, meanwhile, should be focused on boosting that strong damage. Equip Eternal Warrior’s Ring to help regenerate stamina so that you can pull off those heavy attacks. Also, use Clever Rat’s Ring to make sure you pack even more of a punch when your health gets low. 

Best Magic:

When it comes to magic, a strength build only really needs protection spells and miracles like Warding or Second Chance.

A Demon's Souls hero holding two swors in front of a mountainous landscape. One (the Uchigatana) is held above their head in the air victoriously

The Dexterity Build-

Best Start:

At the beginning of Demon's Souls, choosing Temple Knight, Thief, or Wanderer classes will be your best options. After that, when you level up, concentrate on Dexterity, Vitality, and Endurance stats. Durability and survivability are the dex-lover’s bread and butter. 

Best Equipment:

Every dexterity master needs a quick, versatile weapon, so seek out sword choices like the Uchigatana or the Crescent Falchion. Also, the back-stabbing Estoc can be helpful in one-hit KO-ing lesser enemies. 

For gear, the Gloom Helm is always useful- it has poison and plague resistance. Otherwise, commonly popular items are recommended: Cling Ring, Regenerator's Ring, Talisman of the Beasts, etc.

Best Magic:

For your miracle, Second Chance is your best bet. Now, with magic spells, you’ll either want to increase your weapon damage with Cursed Weapon or decrease your equipment weight with Light Weapon to stay light on your feet (and your sword swings).

A Demon's Souls mage hero is shooting a magic bolt at a fire-breathing dragon on top of a castle

The Mage Build-

Best Start:

When it comes to magic, you're better off choosing Magician or Royalty for your starting class. The royal class is particularly nice because they start with the Silver Catalyst, a weapon that boosts magic damage. Focus on Intelligence and Magic stat-boosting, but a little Vitality and Endurance is also good. 

Best Equipment:

For a magic build, spell-boosting weapons are a necessity. We recommend the Insanity Catalyst or Geri's Stiletto. Also, the Fragrant Ring (which regenerates mp) is a must-have.

If you run out of mp and still want to stay out of range, though, the Lava Bow is always a solid weapon option (who doesn't love fire damage?).

Best Magic:

Spells are the specialty of any local wizard. However, even with 99 Intelligence, you can only have 6 magic slots, so choose wisely. 

Here are some great spell options:

A Demon's Souls hero is standing in the foreground darkness while looking up at the illuminated statue of a reverant knight

The Faith Build-

Best Start:

At the beginning, it's best to choose either a Temple Knight or a Priest for your character. Both have strong initial faith stats. As the game goes on, you should focus on leveling up Faith, Vitality, and Endurance.

Best Equipment:

The top items for faithful folk are plentiful and super synergistic. The Adjudicator's Shield not only stacks with Blessed weapons but also the Regenerator's Ring, an item all about health regeneration (hp). And if you want to boost your miracles? Go find the Talisman of Beasts.

Now, if you want the best possible weapons, look no further than these holy avengers: the Blessed Mirdan Hammer or the Istarelle. However, most Blessed Weapons are solid choices.

Best Magic:

Don't forget about miracles, a vital part of any faith build. Some of the best miracle choices include:


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