Terminator T-800's Mortal Kombat 11 trailer released

Oct 01 2019 2 min read

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NetherRealm Studios has revealed the first Mortal Kombat 11 video with Terminator T-800 in action. The cyborg takes on two of the game's cybernetically enhanced characters, Jax and Kano, in brutal fashion. 

T-800 starts the video facing Jax, while holding his shotgun which is hidden in a Johnny Cage action figure box. It's a homage to one of the movie series' iconic scenes. During the trailer, he alternates between fighting Jax and Kano, displaying much of his move set, including one Fatality. 

Besides spraying machine gun bullets and shotgun lead, T-800 is also able to create time spheres which he uses to teleport around the stage and can be incorporated into combos. There was also a scene in the video where Scorpion scorched the Terminator, reducing T-800 to only his cybernetic endoskeleton. It also seemed to make him shrug off damage and is probably some form of iron-skin mechanic. His own gruesome Fatality ended with T-800 sending Jax to the future without his feet, where he is finished off by another Terminator. 

T-800 is the third DLC character and will be available in early access on October 8. MK11 patch 1.10 is currently live, preparing the game not only for T-800's release but also adding a third tournament variation and new balance changes.  

A full breakdown of his moveset will likely be shared within the week. However, PlayStation Latam did reveal an alternate skin for the new character which shows a younger Arnold in action. It will be fun to see which skins will be taken directly from the past movies. 


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