Ten most memorable moments of The International. Part I

Jul 25 2019 4 min read

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The International 2019 starts in less than a month, and we are about to witness the signature magic of competitive Dota 2. Each year brings something special, and we’ve decided to pick ten most memorable moments of the whole history of TI events. We are not here to rank them, which is why the order of these moments is simply chronological. In Part I, we are covering the most exciting stories back from the four original TI tournaments. Let’s get started!

No legs strat

We are starting with the moment, which is definitely worth having a laugh. One of the first The International memes came out from Bruno Carlucci, the analyst famous for his style and unconventional thinking. After the TI2 losers bracket match where TongFu sent Evil Geniuses back home “the Stats Man” Bruno showed his wonderful analytic skills.

Instead of making a deep analysis of what was right and what was wrong the Argentinian came to the conclusion that TongFu won... because of a “No legs strategy”! His speech shocked talents who sat near him, and his words quickly became a meme. That was a brilliant example of entertainment from talents and broadcasting team to set an example for many future tournaments.

The Play

Simply known as “The Play,” next comes one of the most exciting moments in the history of The International – if not actually the most exciting one. It happened back in 2012 during the TI2 upper bracket semifinals. Natus Vincere, being the champion at that time, was left as the only Western team at the tournament. Chinese teams were dominating at the event relying on the strategy of several AoE ultimate abilities, and the key spell was the sleep by Naga Siren. Invictus Gaming took the very same approach while playing against Natus Vincere.

The Ukrainian team was taken by surprise, and it felt like everything went according to plan for iG. Such combos generally resulted in complete team-wipes with zero casualties for the attacking team. Invictus Gaming was going for another perfectly executed gang, but Enigma’s Black King Bar was the turning point for the final battle. The Chinese team was sent back to the tavern by confident plays of Na’Vi. Shoutcasters all over the world were losing their minds and voices because of the rapidly unfolding events during the battle.

There have been many other exciting moments during TI tournaments, but The Play is the one to be remembered for decades.

Korean emotions and Chinese Dota 2

One of the funniest moments from The International 2013 was brought by the commentators from South Korea. The second map of iGDK match turned out to be fairly long – it lasted almost 99 minutes. A tense game eventually transformed into a boring one, and both the viewers and players were tired of the slow flow. Various shoutcasters started joking around and talking on different topics, but it soon became clear that the Korean commentators were the centre of attention in Benaroya Hall. And it’s pretty obvious why.

A fountain Meat Hook

Natus Vincere is going to be present in our articles in a big way. This time, we are once again talking about the winners’ semifinals – although the story in question happened a year later, at The International 2013. The third map of Na’ViTongFu standoff proved to be one of the most contradictory ones in the history of professional Dota 2 championships. Na’Vi was losing heavily during the match, and the team had almost zero chances to save the day. The pace of the game drastically changed with a combo of Holy Persuasion by Chen and Meat Hook by Pudge.

The players from Na’Vi were constantly hooking up the enemies closer to their fountain, which was a direct journey back to the tavern for TongFu. This combo is believed to be among the most imbalanced ones in the history of Dota 2, but eventually, IceFrog implemented a few changes – and you can’t use the effective move these days anymore.

A million dollars Dream Coil

Sometimes, a single spell is enough to turn the tables in the game completely. The legendary Grand finals of The International 2013 brought together Alliance and Natus Vincere – the indisputable favourite and the only worthy opponent respectively. Both teams were fairly equal, and the fate of the tournament was meant to be decided during the fifth map.

Na’Vi went off to an impressive start, which resulted in a serious early advantage for the team. However, Alliance managed to punish the Ukrainians for their indecisive plays and showed impressive macro. The key part was performed by s4 who was buying his team enough time with Dream Coil by Puck cancelling teleports. These two Dream Coils from the Swedish player are still believed to be among the most critical moments in the history of Dota 2. It resulted in the well-deserved victory for Alliance.

And that’s it for Part I of our nostalgic compilation. Part II is about to follow soon, and you can expect another fiver of impressive stories and mesmerizing plays.

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