Tekken 7 Tournament Participants and Talents — WUFL S1

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16 competitors from 12 countries!

The time has come! WePlay Ultimate Fighting League S1 Tekken 7 tournament will start on Thursday, and we are ready to announce all 16 competitors who came from all over the world to the capital of Ukraine! They will battle for the cut of the $50,000 prize pool at the WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv!

WUFL S1 Tekken 7 tournament participants:

  • Arslan Ash (Pakistan);

  • Saint (South Korea);

  • Fergus (Ireland);

  • Awais Honey (Pakistan);

  • Super Akouma (France);

  • Caiper (Spain);

  • Asim (United Kingdom);

  • Book (Thailand);

  • JDCR (South Korea);

  • Ghirlanda (Italy);

  • Kirakira (Switzerland);

  • Bilal (Pakistan);

  • Blackbeard (Denmark);

  • Danielmado (Italy);

  • Jopelix (Finland);

  • borissonic (Ukraine).

 Watch the fierce battle of Iron Fists unfold on the official Twitch channel, while our great talents put on the show:

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