Tekken 7 Negan — The man behind the bat

Aug 21 2020 6 min read

Negan is one of the DLC characters who came to Tekken 7 from another universe: the TV-show The Walking Dead. Here is the story and bio of one of the most dangerous fighters in Tekken 7.

Negan is one of the DLC characters who came to Tekken 7 from another universe: the TV-show The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead's connoisseurs of the story may now argue that comics were the basis and that Negan's character is there. But the appearance, charisma and deep bass voice of the current fighter in Tekken 7 was given by the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who was cast and perfectly played the villain in the series.

This article will be helpful and interesting for those who have no idea about the TV-show or The Walking Dead comics but without in-depth and boring details. Let's get to know both The Walking Dead and the Tekken 7 Negan — The man behind the bat.

Character in TV-show

Negan with Lucille at the spot of murder surrounded by the Saviors

Walking Dead's TV show version of Negan entered the life of series' fans as quickly as the hit of his beloved beat under his ex-wife Lucille's name. He appeared to the audience as an intelligent, cunning, charismatic, intimidating, and physically strong character with a peculiar humor sense.

Negan is practical, a brilliant strategist, and a dangerous person. He has a character that helps to lead people with him. He maintains strict discipline and clear rules in his group - he is genuinely one of the most forceful and exciting personalities that have ever appeared in the series.

Negan is quite well-versed in people, immediately identifies strong personalities and tries to lure them over to his side, which sometimes works successfully. However, when it comes to danger to life - Negan is ready to hide behind his people, which shows that he is quite cowardly in emergencies and dramatically values his life, not thinking about others.

Despite that, Negan is a cold-blooded killer who doesn't hesitate to get his hands dirty and personally deal with defenseless people; he doesn't approve of gratuitous killings. He often repeats that "People are a resource." Negan thinks strategically and, as an exception, is ready to show mercy and not punish for crimes against his group. In some cases, he is even capable of tenderness. He also has some moral principles. For example, he does not tolerate women's rape and severely punishes for this, and his numerous "wives" got into his "harem" exclusively voluntarily, flattered by a privileged position.

Negan's Biography in TV series

Negan in Tekken 7 with Lucille

Unfortunately, according to Walking Dead's story, almost nothing is known about Negan's life before the apocalypse. Also, no one knows his real full name. But to reference the comic book, before the zombie invasion, the hero worked as a school teacher. Even then, Negan was prone to cruel and aggressive behavior, mocked children, and asserted himself at their expense. Once the hero's wife fainted, and doctors told Negan that his wife had cancer. The hero fell into depression and argued with his mistress, deciding that he did not need anyone but his wife.

When the zombie apocalypse started, Negan's wife was in the hospital. Panic begins, but the hero doesn't want to leave his wife and locks them together in the ward, watching the chaos outside through the window. Meanwhile, Negan's wife dies, turning into a zombie, and tries to attack the hero.

Having dealt with his wife with one teenager's help, the hero begins his journey in a world engulfed in a zombie apocalypse.

Negan later formed a group of survivors called the Saviors, made up of brutal people capable of killing who acted under his command and followed his rules. His group quickly gained a grim reputation for its ruthlessness and uncompromising methods.

The group gradually began to increase in size (it included more than 100 survivors). Besides, it created several outposts located throughout Washington, DC. After gaining such total control, the bandits began to terrorize other survivors and take control of the communities. The capital of the territory of the Saviors became a factory, which they call the Sanctuary.

Negan's character in the series had the leading interest for the audience in the conflict between his team and the protagonist Rick, located in the Hilltop community at the time of Negan's appearance in The Walking Dead.

Community intimidation, constant terror, and extortion led to a community riot led by Rick. Alas, this led to rather sad consequences and the murder of the two main characters of the series - Abraham and Glen.

This moment (or rather, the place of the massacre) is what we can see in the official trailer. Instead of the characters from the series (from the Rick community) in the background, there are fighters from Tekken 7.

And his phrase in the trailer "Baddy, are you still there?" is a quote from The Walking Dead, where Negan mocked Glen at the end of the 6th - beginning of the 7th season of the series. As well as some other phrases of the fighter were taken from various events of the series, like whistling or "Lucille is thirsty."

The Walking Dead has been on the air for ten seasons with an enviable army of fans, and yet, although the show is still popular, after the fifth season, its ratings have dropped significantly. This could be influenced by several factors, including the storyline of Negan. Fans noticed that Negan's presence was protracted and that many of the episodes were of no use to the plot.

In my opinion, the image that Morgan managed to create turned out to be amazing. This is not a literal adaptation of Negan from the comics, but his free interpretation, which in a sense even surpassed the original.

Fighting style and appearance in Tekken 7

Negan in Tekken 7 in relaxed posture

Negan appeared in the Bandai Namco fighting game on February 28, 2019, along with Julia, a familiar Tekken character. These Tekken 7 DLC characters are available in DLC 8.

The "Saviors" bloodthirsty leader in a video game has the same fighting style as his prototype in the TV-show. He moves and attacks in his usual relaxed and imposing manner, sprinkles gloomy witticisms and exerts permanent oppressive pressure on his opponent. He actively uses his "beloved" Lucille in battle. It's a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, which causes significant damage and has a blood animation.

Negan's Rage Art is based on the scene of killing Glen from the TV show. The enemy fighter sees the guest character in blurred mode after being unconscious, and then Negan uses Lucille to cause the final bloody damage. 

According to Tekken 7 Wiki, Negan became the first known Tekken 7 character with appearance modeled directly after a real-life person and was the first from guest characters in the video game series who is from a non-Japanese franchise—American.

Many players warmly welcomed the character in the Tekken 7 roster and admitted his strength as a fighter.

Someone even compared the developers to Capcom.

Who is your favorite fighter in Tekken 7? Is it one of the DLC characters? Let us know in the comments below or via social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

If you enjoyed this Negan lore article, more is to come. Stay tuned!


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