TEAMSWAGYOLO and eXplosive disqualified from CIS Minor

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Valve banned David "Dave" Tereshin and Mikhail "s3mig0d" Lakhbich from Valve-affiliated events

Valve have disqualified

 eXplosive from the StarLadder CIS Minor because some players of both teams received bans from all Valve-affiliated events due to a Valve Anti-Cheat ban.

Earlier today Valve investigated eXplosive's Mikhail "s3mig0d" Lakhvich and found that he had a three-year old Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) ban on one of his Steam accounts, and thus decided to disqualify his team from the CIS Minor.

Mikhail "s3mig0d" Lakhbich has been convicted of cheats. Although this has been three years ago, it is still relevant to Valve today, as the rules for Major tournaments and their Minors state that a player that owns a VAC-banned account is ineligible to play in their tournaments. For eXplosive, this means that they are disqualified from the CIS Minor and will only be able to play in a similar competition again once they have substituted said player.

To react to this, StarLadder have invited

 Binary Dragons Gold to refill the spot

In yet another case David "Dave" Tereshin, who was merely standing in for TEAMSWAGYOLO in the closed qualifier and helped them advance, was found ineligible to play in Valve-affiliated events for the same reason.

 Vesuvius (formerly of Binary Dragons), over whom TEAMSWAGYOLO qualified in the quarter finals after a close series, have been chosen as their replacement, making the team list following:

  •  Fluffy Gangsters
  •  Digital Wave
  •  Binary Dragons Gold
  •  Vesuvius
  • Invite
  • Invite
  • Invite
  • Invite

More details about StarLadder's CIS Minor, such as the invited teams and dates for the tournament, are expected to come in the upcoming several days. 


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