Teamfight Tactics: The New Set 4.5 Classes & Origins, Explained

Jan 25 2021 4 min read
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TFT Set 4.5 Festival of Beasts comes with all new classes and origins. In this guide, we'll explain what they do and how to build them.

On January 21st, Teamfight Tactics decided to let fans play with fate just a little bit longer (with a twist, of course). After the success of TFT’s set 4: Fates, Riot Games changed their game plan from a set 5 to making a set 4.5: Festival of Beasts (AKA Fates 2.0). This set comes with 7 new classes/origins for champions.


So let us give you a quick lo-down of all of them. 

The splash art for a Divine Kayle, an executioner in TFT


Hunters may be gone, but their spiritual successor is executioners. These units do crit damage when an enemy’s health is below a certain percentage. 2 executioners? 33%. 3 executioners? 66%. And 4 executioners on the board (achieved with an executioner fate) do crit damage at 99% health and below.


The amazing ladies who populate this class are Kindred, Xayah, and Kayle


Possible Builds: 

If you want to build executioners, here are some build paths you can explore:



The basic splash art for Zed, a ninja and slayer in TFT


When Slayers are in battle, they use their class abilities to do more lifesteal and damage. If the enemy’s health is lower, they tear units apart even faster. They excel at overwhelming another team before they can heal up or do too much damage themselves. With 3 Slayers on the board, your units will do 20-45% lifesteal and bonus damage. With 6 Slayers, you’ll do 30-75%. 


Your Slayer options are Pyke, Zed, Darius, Olaf, Tryndamere, and Samira.

Possible Builds: 

If you want to build Slayers, here are some build paths you can explore:



The dazzling splash art for Morgana, a syphoner in TFT


This set is very pro-lifesteal, but no group is as dedicated to vampiric behavior as the Syphoners. They help themselves and the entire team regain health throughout the round. With 2 Syphoners on your board, the damage that their basic attacks and spells do will heal their teammates for 10% of that damage and all Syphoners for 40%. For 4 Syphoners, they now lifesteal 25% for allies and 100% for Syphoners.


The members of this class are Nasus, Vladimir, Morgana, and Swain. Yes, one of them is an actual vampire. You’re welcome. 

Possible Builds: 

If you want to build Syphoners, here are some build paths you can explore:



The Dragonsoul splash are for Olaf, a berskerer who is also a slayer


The Dragonsoul origin is possibly one of the most complicated, but it is a lot of fun. So, let’s give you our best shot at the condensed version. Once you get 3 Dragonsoul units, the first Dragonsoul unit to take damage in the game gets the dragon’s blessing. If you have 6 units, you get 3 blessings, and if you get all 9 units, you get 6 blessings. 


Now, the blessed champions will get bonus stats. To start, 35 attack speed and power, then 75, and finally 150, depending on the respective amount of Dragonsoul units you have on the board. Also, every 5th attack of a blessed unit shoots out a dragon blast that decimates 50% of the target’s health. 


When the blessed unit dies, the blessing will pass onto the nearest Dragonsoul champion. And no, you can’t Dark Star these babies and stack blessings to make a super-carry. Only one blessing per champion. 


The Dragonsoul champions are Tristana, Brand, Braum, Shyvana, Olaf, Aurelion Sol, and Swain


Possible Builds:

If you want to build Dragonsoul, here are some build paths you can explore:



An aquatic splash art for Nautilus, a Falbed TFT champion


On their own, Fabled characters have unique and powerful abilities (Cho’Gath’s knock-up can be pretty spooky). However, with all three Fabled units on the board, their abilities get unique boosts. For Neeko, her third seed toss deals extra magic damage. Cho’Gath’s ability upgrades from knocking up one enemy to knocking up all of them. Finally, Nautilus creates a shield that blocks 60% of incoming damage for 5 seconds. They are a powerful trio. 

Possible Builds: 

If you want to build Fable, here are some build paths you can explore:



These are TFT's Ornn and Samira. One is an Elderwood spirit in a forest, using magic to forge and the other is a hardened mercenary standing aloof in front of a bar

Also, we have the Blacksmith Ornn and the Daredevil Samira. Ornn will build artifacts over 5 rounds that are unique and can be equipped by other champions. Samira, like her LoL counterpart, dashes and shoots around the board like the fearless mercenary she is. Learn more about her Daredevil abilities here.


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