Teamfight Tactics patch 9.21 notes

Oct 22 2019 2 min read

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In just two weeks, Riot Games will introduce Seasonal Sets to Teamfight Tactics with Rise of the Elements. To prepare the game for what is essentially its departure beta status, we get patch 9.21.

The mini-patch brings with it a series of balance changes to Champions, items, player damage, ranked and traits. Here's a look at all the changes in patch 9.21:


Cho'Gath receives a spell damage buff while Draven and Pantheon both receive nerfs to attack damage and armour respectively. Lissandra's total mana is increased to 95 and Varus also gets an attack damage increase. Lastly, Brand Pyroclasm has bounce range increased to three hexes and missile speed is also increased. 


Locket of the Iron Solari has its duration raised to 8 seconds, Redemption's health threshold increases to 30% and Repeating Crossbow has both attack speed and critical chance per stack raised to 30%. Trap Claw's stun duration drops to 4 seconds and Spear of Shojin's mana restoration is buffed to 18%.


Ranked play will come to an end with the introduction of patch 9.22 in order to fix any bugs and balance issues that crop up with Rise of the Elements. Ranked will return in patch 9.23.

Player damage

Riot believes that player damage is too low in the early game and too high in the late game. This has led to gold stockpiling in the early game and late-game losses when players try to change their strategy or unit placements. To curb this trend, level-up damage from Champions is being put into their base damage instead. 

As a result, base damage is now increased to 3/3/3/4/5/6. Meanwhile, one to three-star tiers have all been reduced to:

  • One-star is now 1/1/1/2/3. 

  • Two-star is now 2/2/2/3/4. 

  • Three-star is now 3/3/3/5/8. 


  • Guardian bonus armour decreased to 40 from 45.

  • Hextech item disable duration has now decreased to 5 seconds.

  • Knight damage blocked slightly changed to 15/30/60.

  • Rangers bonus attack speed increased to 40%/70%.

  • Sorcerer ability power increased  to 40%/120%/200%.


  • A few Thief's Gloves drops have been adjusted.

  • Kai’Sa’s spell tooltip will now properly scale with ability power.

  • Coins will no longer launch as far.

  • Draven's attack speed ratio is no longer higher than intended.

You can check out the full patch notes here


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