Teamfight Tactics patch 9.18 notes

Sep 11 2019 3 min read

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Teamfight Tactics patch 9.18 brings with it a couple of changes to the game's core systems, like an item distribution rework and champion drop rates. Three new Little Legends will also be available alongside a new soundtrack. 

New stuff

The Mystery Box system will have common boxes contain gold, champions or Neeko's Help. Uncommon will have all of the above including item components, while rare will have all common box contents including full items and Spatulas. All players will also receive about the same number of boxes and items in a single game. 

Placed on a champion, Neeko's Help will create a 1-star copy of it which is added to the bench. Neeko's Help is consumed upon use. 


Slightly more XP will be required to level up to levels 5 through 9. The champion tier drop rates from level 3 to 9 has also been reworked. Tier 3 champions in the pool has been slightly reduced to minimise consistency of drops. 

The following items will not be allowed to stack 

  • Blade of the Ruined King

  • Darkin

  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade

  • Knight’s Vow

  • Frozen Mallet

  • Yuumi

  • Phantom Dancer

  • Morellonomicon

  • Red Buff


New Nine-Piece bonuses are being added to Sorcerer and Assassin. Four piece wild gets a buff to attack speed per attack and basic attacks are now unmissable. 

Other general trait adjustments include an increase to Elementalist Golem's armour, a reduction to Knight damage and an Assassin jump delay. 


Tier 1 champions Camille, Elise, Graves and Kha'zix receive buffs while Kassadin get a slight nerf to attack damage. 

For tier 2 champions, Pyke gets a nerf to starting mana while Twisted Fate gets a health buff and his Blue Card mana is increased. 

In tier 3, Evelynn's execute threshold drops to 50% while her execute multiplier gets a small drop. Katrina's mana is reduced to 85.

Tier 4 has only Akali receive an all-around buff to ability damage. 

For tier 5, Anivia's ability will now do the same damage for a six second duration. Pantheon gets a nerf to health and attack damage. 


BF Sword has attack damage nerfed while Frozen Heart's debuff duration is increased to four seconds. Locket of the Iron Solari shield amount is increased by 50 for an additional second and Zephyr banish also gets one second added to its duration. Lastly, Swordbreaker gets a higher chance to disarm but for one second less time. 


Several bugs have been fixed in this patch, with Morgana, Kha'zix, Camille and Brand's abilities now working properly. Rek’Sai will now heal the intended amount and Demons will not gain mana through their trait if mana is locked. A few items and tooltips also received fixes. 

New soundtrack

Depending on the phase of the game, Teamfight Tactics' will change to better suit it. Battle music will be more energetic while shopping is much calmer. There are also three different chapters of music, split between when the first player is knocked out and when only three players remain. 

You can find the full patch notes here


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