Teamfight Tactics patch 9.17 notes

Aug 27 2019 2 min read

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Patch 9.17 brings with it Pantheon’s release and coincides with the recent changes made to him in League of Legends. The update also includes some quality of life additions and numerous bugfixes. 

New champion 

Pantheon is a Dragon/Guardian champion that costs five gold. His ability, Grand Starfall has him leap at the farthest enemy, stunning them by 4/6/8 seconds. Enemies in his path take 15%/30%/45% of their maximum health as damage and also  burn for an additional 20% of their maximum health as true damage over 10 seconds. 


Warwick, Lucian and Lissandra all receive buffs while Leona gets a nerf to stun duration while Gangplank gets an ability damage nerf. Graves has his interaction with Rapidfire Cannon adjusted that narrows bullet spread. 


Assassin, Ranger and Yordle receive changes that add some consistency to their traits. Noble and Hextech get slight nerfs while Shapeshifter has a number of adjustments to make it a little easier to transform. 


Attack Speed cap has been increased, Ghost armies now receive Trait benefits and the first carousel now has all two-cost units. Tooltips are also updated to provide clearer information and numbers scale with the ability. 

Healing changes

Thanks to Grievous Wounds' effect reduction, healing also takes a hit to keep from becoming too strong. Grievous Wounds sees the biggest reduction from 100% - 80%, while other healing effects hit by this change include The Bloodthirster, Hextech Gunblade, Swain Demonflare and Redemption. 

Bug fixes

This update has a couple of fixes for Hextech but a number of Champions also get some bugs squashed. They are Warwick, Ahri, Shyvana, Lucian, Luden, Vi and Rek' Sai. Little Legends will now also get booted if they get inside the initial shared draft barrier. 


Other changes added to the game include an update to Dragon and Elder Dragon fireball VFX. Players will now be able to mute player emotes and pings through the scoreboard and there are new scoreboard visual effects to show off player win streaks. 

You can find the full patch notes here


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