Teamfight Tactics patch 10.9 notes

Apr 28 2020 3 min read

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Teamfight Tactics patch 10.9 brings with it new Galaxies alongside Trait and Champion adjustments. There's also the new Odyssey themed Arenas and item system changes. 

Of particular note is the reimagining of Chrono along with the improved means of acquiring and increased value of 3-Star Tier 1 Champions. 

Here's what Teamfight Tactics patch 10.9 has for us:

New Odyssey Arenas

Three new Odyssey Arenas have been added to the game. They are:

  • Odyssey Jinx Arena
  • Odyssey Yasuo Arena
  • Odyssey Malphite Arena


New Galaxies

Treasure Trove and Star Cluster are the two new Galaxies included with this update. 

  • Treasure Trove: This Galaxy has every minion and monster in the game drop a loot orb.
  • Star Cluster: All Tier 1, 2, and 3 champions on carousels have 2 stars.

Galaxy odds

The Galaxy odds in the game have also been adjusted with this update to the following values:

  • Lilac Nebula - 7.5% of games
  • Medium Legends - 7.5% of games
  • Star Cluster - 12.5% of games
  • Superdense Galaxy - 7.5% of games
  • The Neekoverse - 7.5% of games
  • Trade Sector - 10% of games
  • Treasure Trove - 12.5% of games
  • Normal - 35% of games

Champion Shop Drop Rates

The Champion Shop Drop Rates have also increased for levels 3-7 as follows:

  • Level 3: 70/30/0/0/0%⇒75/25/0/0/0%
  • Level 4: 50/35/15/0/0%⇒60/30/10/0/0%
  • Level 5: 35/40/20/5/0%⇒40/35/20/5/0%
  • Level 6: 20/35/35/10/0%⇒25/35/30/10/0%
  • Level 7: 14/30/40/15/1%⇒19/30/35/15/1%

Other system changes include players now dropping one small orb in the first 3 PVE rounds, no longer being able to sell units if it will lead to item deletion, and no longer being able to open loot orbs if their item bench is full. 


The larger vertical traits like Mech Pilot, Dark Star, Rebel, Cybernetic, Star Guardians, Valkyrie, and Blademaster had their power nerfed. Meanwhile, Vanguard got a big buff to armor. Chrono and Blademaster also received balance adjustments. 


Soma and Xerath receive nerfs to Aria of Perseverance and Abyssal Bombardment respectively. Graves and Rakan have adjustments made to Smoke Grenade Blind Duration and Grand Entrance Targeting, while Yasuo's Last Breath Targeting gets a rework. 

A couple of Champions received a single buff except Gangplank who got two instead, the first to Mana and the second, a reduction to his Faster Impact Upgrade delay. The other Champions buffed this patch include Annie, Fiora, Jinx, Leona, Malphite, Master Yi, Rumble, Aurelion Sol, Twisted Fate and Ziggs. 


Only one item, Quicksilver was adjusted with this update. It's shield duration has now increased from 15 seconds to 10 seconds. 


Most of the bugs squashed were in relation to Xerath and Guardian Angel in particular. Ahri will now wait until her first orb returns before casting another one and Star Guardian 3 is now a bronze trait. 


The mobile side of things is filled with fixes, like the login successful SFX, issues with loadout, Arena Skins Icons, and the stage indicator panel. However, players can now remove a friend from their friends list and Little Legends rarity is now shown on the loadouts panel. 

You can find the full Teamfight Tactics patch 10.9 notes here


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