Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.6 patch notes

Mar 17 2020 4 min read
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Teamfight Tactics' third set has arrived, the space-themed Galaxies. As such, it's a big update, but it's justified by the plethora of new content the new update will usher in. The update brings us lots of changes to classes, the roster, and even the game's look and feel.

League of Legends client

Galaxy Pass

As we transition into a new TFT hub, players will notice a couple of changes. These include the ability to see their current pass and progression towards rewards, and all Pass rewards will now be browseable with descriptions inclusive. The remaining time in an event will be displayed, the Orb is gone, and XP will now be awarded for just playing games and more. At the bottom of the hub, there's also the ability to view content line-up.


The loadouts screen now supports the new Booms, which can also be selected within the party's screen. Players will be able to track TFT related missions that reward Pass XP by clicking a button to the right of their player card.


Galaxies release marks the beginning of the new Ranked season, removing rank decay for those in Master and below. 



The Galaxies mechanic doesn't arrive with this update, but we do get to see changes to passive income, an increase to gold streak, and streak bonuses will now be paid during PvE rounds. However, players will no longer be able to sell Champions during the Carousel round.


A lot of changes were made to Level three, five, six, seven, and eight drops. Specifically;

  • Level three drops changed to 70/30/0/0/0%.

  • Level five drops changed to 35/40/20/5/0%.

  • Level six drops changed to 20/35/35/10/0%.

  • Level seven drops changed to 14/30/40/15/1%.

  • Level eight drops changed to 10/25/35/25/5%.

Player damage & loot drops

The base damage per stage has changed to 0/2/3/4/5/6/7, with additional damage per surviving unit reduced to one. Champion and Gold Medium boxes cannot drop in the first two rounds, while Champions are more likely to receive more than gold from all levels of bonus boxes. However, Neeko's help is 35% less likely to drop from all boxes.

Movement & Mana

The movement speed of all Champions has reduced to 500, but they now move more smoothly when walking between hexes. Melee Champions move a bit earlier than their ranged counterparts, and both will now only chase after their targets that leave their attack range by one hex before disengaging and seeking another target instead.

Mana gained from attacking will no longer factor in star level, and it's now a base number of 10 with Champions making use of their mana later on during spell casting.

The first carousel will now consist of one-cost Champions. The number of possible item combinations has increased, and full items will now begin to appear before the fifth carousel. Spatulas can appear more than once in the carousel but less frequently, while components have a chance of emerging from the sixth carousel and above.


Other changes include a few bugfixes, five minutes added to each planning phase, Grievous Wounds healing reduction nerfed to 50%, and disarm will now only prevent auto attacks.


New items

Hush is now Chalice of Favor, which gives two nearby allies mana per cast, while Iceborne Gauntlet becomes Shroud of Stillness and will now increase enemy mana costs by 40% at the start of the round. Lastly, Titanic Hydra is now Zz'Rot Portal, which spawns a Voidspawn with star-scaled health upon death.

Existing items

Fifteen existing items receive changes, with nerfs going to Bloodthirster's healing, Statikk Shiv's damage per bounce, and Rabadon's Deathcap Bonus AP. As for buffs, we see increases to Red Buff Burn, Morellonomicon Burn, and Ionic Spark will now reduce nearby enemies' MR by 50%


Balance changes in patch 10.6 cover Traits, items, and Champions from Tier 1-5. 


Here we see buffs to Celestial Healing, Rebel Shield, and the Space Pirate four-item drop chance has increased from 10% to 15%. Meanwhile, Cybernetic bonus health/attack damage and Infiltrator bonus attack speed were nerfed.

Tier one champions

Tier one Champions that received buffs are Caitlyn and Ziggs while Jarvan and Kha'zix received nerfs.

Tier two champions

Ahri, Darius, Kai' sa, and Lucian all receive nerfs in Tier two. In Lucian's case, he loses attack and spell damage.

Tier three champions

Neeko has her spell damage increased from 175/250/500 to 200/275/550, while Shaco's spell damage drops from 500% to 450%.

Tier four champions

Jhin receives a buff to attack damage, and Irelia her attack speed. Vel'koz and Wukong, on the other hand, receive nerfs to spell damage and mana, respectively.

Tier five champions

Aurelion Sol's spell damage has been buffed to 120/175/750, Gangplank's health increased to 1000, Thresh's attack speed raised to 0.95, and Super Mech's spell splash damage changed to 200/250/300/350/450/750/5000 from 200/250/300/525/675/1125/5000. Miss Fortune receives a buff to her shield damage and nerf to spell damage.


Ionic Spark's range has changed from 3 to 2, while its damage has increased from 200% to 225%. Statikk Shiv's damage has been buffed to 75, and Red Buff/Morello Healing Mitigation has dropped from 33% to 30%.

You can take a look at the full patch notes on the official website here.


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