Teamfight Tactics open beta starts tomorrow — all you need to know

Jun 25 2019 3 min read

Teamfight Tactics open beta starts tomorrow — all you need to know ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

While Valve is purging Dota Underlords thanks to linked lore, Drodo finds decent sponsors to have $1,000,000 prize fund tournaments — Riot Games are predictably launching the open beta for Teamfight Tactics very soon! We've made a list of the most important thing for your information. Starting from the basics.

A quick bullet point list of Teamfight Tactics future at first (promised by the developers):

  • Ranked play will work similarly to how it does in Summoner's Rift. 
  • TFT will not have a promotion series. 
  • Players will be able to queue with up to 5 friends for gold and below/with up to 3 friends for platinum and above
  • Not all LoL champions will make it into TFT
  • Champions will be rotated in and out of the game as the need arises. 
  • HUD changes incoming. 
  • The RNG (which is quite deciding at battles) will be changed. 
  • TFT will stick to cosmetics, no pay-to-win items expected. 
  • There's a chance of Battle Pass appearing in future.

How do fights work in Teamfight Tactics

At the beginning of each round, the game provides a set of random champions that gamers can purchase for gold. These characters appear on the bench at the bottom of the screen. At any moment they can be dragged onto the battlefield.

Battles take place in automatic mode, the player who chooses the champions correctly and uses the best artefacts — wins.

Races/Origins and Classes in Teamfight Tactics

In any Auto Chess-like game it is very important to understand combining. If you want to read an exceptional guide on how the classes and races combine in Teamfight Tacticshit the link and try to understand it, it's simple!

Teamfight Tactics Cheats

Hey, did you really think we're having real cheats right here? Only legal tables with the best combos! Check these out:

Teamfight Tactics best weapons combos

Teamfight Tactics best heroes combos

Teamfight Tactics current meta hints

  • HUD: top left is the item recipes and what items do, bottom left is the spawn chance for tiers of champions at a given level, and the right side — all the synergies

  • The strongest champions right now are Aurelion, Sol and Draven

  • The strongest hero combos right now are Wild + Aurelion or Noble + Draven

  • The strongest items right now are Force of Nature and Spear of Shojin

That's all! Hope we were helpful. See you on the battlefields! 

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