Teamfight Tactics March 10 PBE Patch brings a number of balance changes

Mar 10 2020 2 min read

Teamfight Tactics March 10 PBE Patch brings a number of balance changes ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Teamfight Tactics March 10 PBE patch makes some balance changes and deploys quite a few fixes.

The March 10 PBE patch sees several traits tweaked along with changes to units across the board, which could cause a potential shake-up to the meta.

Here are the full patch notes for the TFT March 10 PBE Patch:


  • Level five drops: 30/45/20/5/0 percent to 35/40/20/5/0 percent.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed two-star and three-star Jhin converting attack speed into too much attack damage.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally Thief’s Gloves only gave a Gunblade.
  • FON shows up slightly less on carousel five.
  • Fixed an issue where Lulu didn’t work properly in overtime.
  • Fixed an issue where a champion having their spell cost increased when they were very close to full mana would sometimes trigger them to cast multiple times immediately.



  • Blaster Extra Shots: 2/5 to 3/6
  • Cybernetic: 350&35/800&80 to 350&35/850&85
  • Infiltrator: 60 percent for six seconds/60 percent with resets to 60 percent for six seconds/90 percent with resets.
  • Ahri Spell Damage: 175/250/450 to 175/250/400
  • Annie Spell Damage: 150/200/350 to 150/200/300 (Shield is 1.5x Spell Damage)
  • Kai’Sa Number of Missiles: 60/8/12 to 6/8/11
  • Lucian Spell Damage: 175/225/400 to 175/225/350
  • Mordekaiser Spell Shield: 350/500/900 to 350/500/800
  • Rakan Spell Damage: 175/275/450 to 175/275/400
  • Shen Dodge Duration: 3/4/6 to 3/4/5
  • Sona Healing Targets: 2/3/5 to 2/3/4


  • Caitlyn Spell Damage: 700/1,000/3,000 to 700/1,000/1,800
  • Graves Mana: 50/100 to 50/80


  • Darius Spell Damage: 300/425/700 to 350/475/700
  • Shen Spell MR Bonus: 20/40/60 to 15/30/45
  • Xin Zhao Spell Damage: 175/250/400 to 150/225/350
  • Yasuo Mana: 0/90 to 0/100


  • Vel’Koz Spell Damage: 350/500/2,000 to 450/600/2,000


  • Aurelion Sol Spell Damage: 75/125/750 to 100/150/750
  • Gangplank Spell Damage: 550/750/9,001 to 650/850/9,001
  • Lulu Spell Duration: 4/4/8 seconds to 3/3/8 seconds
  • Miss Fortune Spell Damage: 45 percent/65 percent/500 percent to 55 percent/70 percent/500 percent


  • Morello/Red Buff Burn: 20 percent to 33 percent
  • Bramble Best Cooldown: 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds




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