Teamfight Tactics Guide - Races/Origins and Classes

Jun 21 2019 4 min read

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Teamfight Tactics is a new multiplayer mode for League of Legends. Here, the players recruit the champions of different races (origins) and classes in their teams, level up and fight against each other. The battles are divided into seven rounds, the last one who survives — wins. It's like Dota Underlords or Auto Chess but in League of Legends Universe.

Note: the game is still in work and now is in testing. Over the next few months, the developers can change some of the mechanics.

How do fights work in Teamfight Tactics

At the beginning of each round, the game provides a set of random champions that gamers can purchase for gold. These characters appear on the bench at the bottom of the screen. At any moment they can be dragged onto the battlefield.

Battles take place in automatic mode, the player who chooses the champions correctly and uses the best artefacts — wins.

Teamfight Tactics: origins and classes

Each unit in Teamfight Tactics belongs to a specific origin (race) and class. All of them are endowed with unique skills and bonuses. I tell about it in more detail.

Origins and their bonuses (buffs) in Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics has 13 origins:

  • Demons — have a chance to burn all their mana, and inflict damage to the enemy equal to the burned mana amount. If there are two demons on the field, the chance is 30%, if there are four demons — 50%, if six — 70%;

  • Dragons — if you have two dragons, they are immune to magic;

  • Exiles — if there is one Exile on the field, his defence is enhanced;

  • Glacials — stun the enemy. If there are two Glacials on the field, the chance to stun is 25%, if four — 35%, if six — 45%;

  • Imperials — able to do double damage. If there are two Imperials on the battlefield, one of them increases power. If four — all of them get the boost;

  • Nobles — give armour to allied units. If there are three representatives of the nobility on the field, a random ally receives the bonus. Six Nobles give armour to all allies;

  • Pirates — three pirates give you an additional four gold after a fight with another player;

  • Ninjas — have a damage bonus. If there is one ninja on the field, the bonus is 40%, if four — 60%;

  • Phantoms — three Phantoms have a chance to reduce enemy's health to 100 points;

  • Robots — start the battle with full mana;

  • Voids — if there are three Voids on the field, they get 50% more armour;

  • Wilds — increase allies attack speed. If there are three Wilds on the field — only they get the bonus, if there are six — the bonus goes to all allies;

  • Yordles — give the allies a chance to dodge the blow. If there are three Yordles in a battle, the chance is 20%. If six — 50%.

Next, let's talk about classes in Teamfight Tactics.

TFT classes and bonuses

Teamfight Tactics has a total of 10 classes:

  • Assassins — do critical strikes. Three Assassins on the field cause 150% more damage, six of them deal 350%;

  • Blademasters — deliver extra hits during the attack. If there are three Blademasters on the field — one extra hit, if six — two hits;

  • Brawlers — adds additional health point to units. Two brawlers add 300 points, four — 700 points;

  • Elementalists — three Elementalists invoke an elemental at the beginning of the battle;

  • Guardians — three Guardians receive 30 armour points at the beginning of the battle;

  • Gunslingers — deals an extra hit with a 50% chance. If you have two Gunslingers, a random opponent gets an extra hit. If four — all opponents are in range;

  • Knights — block part of the damage received. If there are two Knights on the field, they block 20 damage, four block 40 points, six — 80;

  • Rangers — have a chance to increase their attack speed. Two rangers have the 25% chance, four have 65%;

  • Shapeshifters — if you have three Shapeshifters, they get an additional 100% health;

  • Sorcerers — increase allied magical damage. If there are three Sorcerers on the field, the damage increases by 35%, if six — by 100%.

The number of units you can use in combat depends on the level of your main character.

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