Teamfight Tactics - Guide for Beginners - Basic

Jun 27 2019 5 min read

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Teamfight Tactic is the newest addition to the family of Riot Games. The idea behind it came to life after the boom of Dota 2 Auto Chess just a couple of months ago. Having said, both Riot Games and Valve have their own versions of this genre again.

Even though both games are fairly similar in terms of their play style and overall mechanics, TFT has some features which help it stand out from the rest. If you are new to this genre, our guide will help you to get familiar with TFT. Keep it in mind that the game is still in Beta, which means that there could be many changes in the future.

Basics & General Idea

In order to play Teamfight tactics, you have to have an LoL account. Once you do that, here is how the game works.

  • Once you find a match, you will be put against seven other players. Each of them has their own chess field similar to yours where they can place the units.
  • Whenever the game starts, each player is able to control their own smaller versions of the champions called avatars. In addition, you will have the chance to choose one champion from a rotating pool of champions in the center of the chess board.
  • When you make up your mind about which champion to choose, simply drag him from the list on the board itself. As soon as ever everyone does that, the round starts and your champion begins to fight automatically.
  • The total amount of champions you can have on the board depends on your characters’ level.
  • The first three rounds of each match are always against creeps. However, once you pass them, you begin to face other players and their champions.
  • You will gain experience and gold at the end of each round depending on how well you performed. The gold is used to buy new champions or to level up your existing ones.
  • The end goal is to become the last man standing. Having said that, you will take damage and slowly lose contention if you get beaten in the individual rounds. That’s why if you want to win, you should be the one winning the rounds.

The Champions

  • The champions in Teamfight Tactics have different abilities which can be combined with others. If you purchase three of the same champion you will get a stronger version of the same unit. So, for example, if you want to get a two-star unit, you will need to combine three one-star units.
  • Every single champion has a Class and an Origin and each unit have at least one of each. This is where the magic happens - once you start mixing them together,you will gain different bonuses which depend on the synergies. 
  • One of the most important things is the position your champions properly. For example, you should try to place tanks on the frontline in order to absorb as much damage as possible.

Teamfight Tactics Gold - How to get it and why it is so important

Gold is the main resource in TFT and it can be used to do many different things:

  • Buying new champions from the shop at the start of each round
  • Refreshing your pool - if you are looking for a specific unit, you can try and refresh your current pool of champions. However, it is best to do this later on due to the cost of it.
  • You can spend up to 4 gold at a time in order to level your character. Only do this if you have enough gold for your champions.

Getting Gold

There are different ways to get your hands on the precious metal.

  • You passively earn gold at the start of each round
  • If your stash is big enough you can also earn a little bonus at the end of each round. The amount you can get is denoted by Gold Generators and each of them is worth one interest gold at the start of your next turn.
  • Making a good Win Streak
  • Selling champions - you can sell your champs for the same amount of gold which you’ve purchased them for.


  • Items either drop from the creep waves or they come equipped on the champions. All the items that you get will appear in the bottom left of your screen.
  • Of course, different items have different effects. However, under the right conditions, you will be able to combine two items into one. Naturally, this new item is going to be a lot more powerful compared to the others.
  • Remember that once you put an item on a unit, you just can’t remove it unless you sell the actual units. This makes the game a lot more complex because you will have to think a few steps ahead.

Tips & Tricks for Teamfight Tactic

  • The economy is key - You should try to avoid spending all of your gold each round. Try saving up as much as you can in order to benefit later on.
  • Know your enemy - Similar to LoL, always keep an eye on your enemy and his champions. By doing this, you will be able to figure out the needed strategy for you for the current game.
  • Losing/Winning streaks - Like it was mentioned, if you win a few rounds in a row you`ll get extra gold. What’s more, if you lose a few rounds in a row, you`ll also get gold for the losing streak. Even though that might not seem so appealing, something it could be a good idea to lose a couple of rounds for the greater good. However, try not to lose too heavily because it could be fatal.
  • Play as much TFT as possible in order to get better. The game might seem very hard in the beginning but once you learn it, you`ll enjoy every second.

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