Team Touhou beats Team Guilty Gear in Japanese 10v10 crew battle

Jul 26 2020 2 min read

Team Touhou beats Team Guilty Gear in Japanese 10v10 crew battle ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

As promised, we got another 10v10 crew battle from the Japanese fighting game community this weekend. The matchup this time was between Team Touhou and Team Guilty Gear, competing in the fighting game unifier, Granblue Fantasy Versus

Each player got two lives, making a total of twenty points, with the winner tasked with eliminating all their opponent's lives. Filled with both popular players and a few relatively unknown ones, here are the team rosters.

Team Touhou

  • Kamiji

  • TR

  • Tadzu

  • Daniel

  • Onsen

  • Mujyou

  • Usagi Umbrella

  • Shio

  • Mirai Ash

  • Tomo

Team Guilty Gear

  • Teresa

  • Roi

  • Summit

  • AMTRS|Omito "Omito" Hashimoto

  • Mocchi

  • Kakkou

  • Consomme

  • Churara

  • Tako

  • Daiji

For months now, Japanese pro players representing particular games have banded together to compete in Cygames' fighting game as teams of 10. The group with the most wins and the longest streak, Team Guilty Gear, faced Team Touhou, which represents games that have been the butt of jokes for years. However, during today's event, they showed the FGC just how good they are.

Setting the stage for Team Touhou was TR, who secured a few wins for the team. Shio was swapped in later on after TR's first loss, racking up even more wins for the team. With most of Team Guilty Gear's players reduced to one life, Shio gave way to Mujyou after losing to Summit. The relatively unknown player with the ingame handle BOBSON proceeded to eliminate half the players on Team Guilty Gear.

With the scores 14-7 in favor of Team Touhou, Team Guilty Gear failed to build the momentum it needed to win the event. The exhibition match ended 7-0 after Tako took out Consomme and Mirai Ash in his last-ditch attempt as the last man standing.

The next exhibition match wasn't announced, but with the coronavirus still out there, it shouldn't be too long before we get a date for the next 10v10 crew battle.


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