Team SNK beat Team SF in Granblue Fantasy: Versus 10v10 battle

Jul 05 2020 2 min read
Andrew "Jiyuna" Fidelis

This past Sunday, Team SF took on Team SNK in another exciting Granblue Fantasy: Versus 10v10 battle to determine which scene has the stronger players.

This past Sunday, we saw Team SF take on Team SNK in another exciting Granblue Fantasy: Versus 10v10 battle to determine which scene has the stronger players.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus 10v10 battle

The 10v10 tournament was stacked with great players from each scene, but we got to see how their skill level translates into Granblue Fantasy: VersusRYO who's known to compete in anime fighters joined the Team SF side and he managed to put on a good show. 

Here is the lineup for both teams:

Team SNK

  • KRone|Abao 
  • AMTRS|Akihito "Score" Sawada
  • Masanobu "M'" Murakami
  • Sanwa|Lagggia 
  • Tarezou 
  • Kazuyuki "KojiKOG" Koji
  • Gamera 
  • Akira 
  • Butter 
  • OZ 

Team SF

  • GyoGun|Kenryo "Mago" Hayashi
  • CO|Ryo "Dogura" Nozaki
  • BC|Ryota "Kazunoko" Inoue
  • BC|Toru "Tachikawa" Tachikawa
  • FD|Atsushi "Fujimura" Fujimura
  • Takehara "Uryo" Ryo
  • iXA|Inaba 
  • PG|Kei "BNBBN" Komada
  • Iyo 
  • RYO

Like usual, each player was assigned two points each, making a total of twenty overall for each team. Akira opened the event with a four game streak for Team SNK, while Gamera had a win streak of his own that helped send Team SF below half. However, RYO almost leveled the playing field as he took five games in a row. 

It was Mago that continued RYO's hard work, winning three games to bring Team SNK to five points. Unfortunately for them, it just wasn't enough to win the event as Team SF lost the next four games. 

The next Granblue Fantasy Versus 10v10 Exhibition Tournament is scheduled for July 26. This time, Team Guilty Gear will take on Team Touhou with the. 


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