Team Secret are OMEGA League Champions!

Sep 06 2020 4 min read

Team Secret are OMEGA League Champions! ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Team Secret are the OMEGA League Champions in the Europe Immortal Division. In the intense, exciting, magnificent Grand Finals, Puppey and his boys defeated OG. Congratulations to the team! 

This is the seventh dry grand final in a row for the guys! Since May 2020, Team Secret have not lost a single tournament. In case you've somehow missed these unbelievable, fantastic, energetic, another-level Dota maps, you can read the Grand Final's Recap and analytics below. 

Provided by Evgeny Kondratyev

Map 1

Team Secret vs OG OMEGA League Map 1

Team Secret came up with a fairly pragmatic draft focused on strong laning and powerful team fights. At the same time, OG decided to turn off the enemy Faceless Void with a lot of minor disables and debuffs, hoping that Sven will give the overwhelming amount of damage. During the game, OG preferred its standard tactic: guerrilla attacks on enemy territory and Team Secret were unprepared for it: while Puppey was looking for enemies to fight with, OG farmed or killed the strayed heroes. It would seem that the fight next to the Roshpit should have ended in favor of Clement Ivanov's team, but OG sorted it out very well, dividing the enemy in half. Ceb cleverly isolated the opponent and traded himself into three enemies.

It was Ceb who became the protagonist of the first half-hour: Secret could not do anything about his very nasty Night Stalker in teamfights, while OG players calmly focused the enemy cores. Once OG made a mistake: they decided to enter the enemy base in haste, and Team Secret countered: MATU's Chronosphere covered two supports, Sven was forced to fight with Zai's Underlord, and... look at it:

The fact that both teams wanted to win is evidenced by at least the following fight: more than a minute of action just for the sake of both carries to get out of the tavern, afterward the teams disperse to their bases.

As the game went on, Team Secret became stronger: a large number of armor artifacts, two Lotus Orbs, Puppey had an impactful Minotaur's Horn. Sven could no longer instantly wipe opponents off the face of the earth, and the champions of the upper bracket reached their victory conditions, finishing off OG.

Map 2

Team Secret vs OG OMEGA League Map 2

The draft trend continued: OG wanted extreme aggression, while Team Secret needs to just wait out the threat. This time, the two-time world champions relied on Troll Warlord, but in return, they received Outworld Devourer - a tough counter that only needs a certain amount of farm to almost completely turn off TW. However, it didn’t even happen: the laning didn’t go according to OG’s plan, and MATUMBAMAN practically got freefarm. Lasse doesn't forgive such mistakes, and Team Secret destroyed the opponents on the second map. The Sea Captain got a Rampage.

Map 3


Sometimes the draft goes totally out of mind. Both teams decided to have late-game picks, choosing extremely greedy heroes. The synergy of OG's heroes raises a certain question: the team does not have much damage that can be done into the Chronosphere (except perhaps only Windranger). Add to that the fact that OG has 4 melee heroes against the highly agile line-up Team Secret. OG simply had nothing to offer. The final nail in the coffin was Lone Druid for MATUMBAMAN, who outright won his middle lane. Unfortunately, OG lost almost from the very beginning of the game. Team Secret drove all the heroes out of their lanes and took too much of an advantage too quickly. At 10:00, Puppey team's advantage was already above 4000, and the game began to look like a beating, not a fair fight.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to come up with something that could catch Team Secret by surprise, OG lost all game plan, and could not win serious resistance.

However, we want to say thank you to N0tail and the guys for the many spectacular moments and games that they gave. OG deservedly took second place.



Spectators, readers, and fans have chosen the MVPs of the tournament:

  • Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi — CORE MVP
  • Maroun "GH" Merhej — SUPPORT MVP

Congratulations once again! By the way, here's the prize pool distribution:

1st place - Team Secret - $200,000

2nd place - OG - $125,000

3rd place - Team Nigma - $60,000

4th place - Alliance - $30,000

5th-6th place - Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses - $20,000 each

7th-8th place - and - $15,000 each

9-10th place - FlyToMoon and 5men - $5,000 each

11-12th place - Natus Vincere and Ninjas in Pyjamas - $2,500 each


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