Team Questionmark wins Red Dot Invitational

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Team Questionmark came out on top of Red Dot Invitational following a Titan thriller and a one-sided victory over EnVyUs in the grand final.

Two French and two Danish teams stood in the semi-finals of the Red Dot Invitational yesterday, Titan, EnVyUs, dignitas and Question Mark.

Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer's squad was facing dignitas in theirs on de_train at first. With a 12-3 lead as Terrorists, EnVyUs moved to the other side with a solid cushion, which was enough to close map one out at 16-11, very much thanks to Kenny "kennyS" Schrub's beastly 33-12 (1.88 rating) score.

Map two, de_inferno, was much more decisive than that, as once again the Frenchmen switched over with solid numbers as Terrorists and advanced to the grand final after a 16-6 scoreline.

Titan, on the other hand, put up a much harder fight. The other semi-final ended up being a thriller series, as the first two maps, de_overpass and de_train, both went into overtime, with each team snatching one for themselves.

The grand finalist was decided on de_dust2, where Finn "karrigan" Andersen and company took matters into their own hands, as they overpowered Titan 16-7 after a 12-3 halftime score as Counter-Terrorists.

The final ended up being quite a whitewash from the Danes, who went on to grab the main $25,000 prize after 16-5 on de_overpass and 16-7 on de_cache, both times picking up double digits on the Terrorist side.

Red Dot Invitational final standings:


 Team Questionmark - $25,000
 EnVyUs - $12,500
 Titan - $6,250
 Team Dignitas - $6,250


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