Team Profile: Young Ninjas

Jul 30 2021 3 min read

Team Profile: Young Ninjas • WePlay

WePlay Esports continues to introduce the WePlay Academy League participants to the viewers. Last time we made a profile of Astralis Talent, and today we will take a look at the Swedes from Young Ninjas. Unlike their Scandinavian neighbors, wakai shinobi were extremely laconic.

Erik “ztr” Gustafsson

Young Ninjas ztr

Age: 17

Place of residence: Sweden

Rank: 10 level FACEIT, 3600 ELO

Role: captain

Current goal: to grow as a captain and player

Anton “Sapec” Palmgren

Young Ninjas Sapec

Age: 18

Place of residence: Sweden

Rank: Level 10 FACEIT, 3700 ELO

Role: Entry Fragger

Kalle “Ro1f” Johansson

Young Ninjas Ro1f

Age: 16.

Place of residence: Sweden

Rank: 10 level FACEIT, 4000 ELO

Role: rifler

Current goal: to become a pro-player within two years and start making money on it

Linus niloBergman

Young Ninjas nilo

Age: 16

Place of residence: Sweden

Rank: 10 level FACEIT, 3600 ELO

Role: rifler

Love phzy” Smidebrant

Young Ninjas phzy

Age: 18

Place of residence: Sweden

Rank: Level 10 FACEIT, 3800 ELO

Role: AWPer

Current goal: self and team development

Young Ninjas Trivia

  • Ztr got to his first Dreamhack at the age of 14.

  • Phzy thinks it will be a matter of time before Young Ninjas make it to the top 30 of HLTV.

  • Young Ninjas know they have rivals who can surprise but they are not going to end the league without entering at least the top-3.

  • When ztr first came to the NIP, he was surprised how professional this organization is in dealing with everything, even small problems.

  • Before phzy was invited to YN, he knew most of his teammates. According to him, "he often played with them."

  • Some Young Ninjas players understand the prestige of their tag and think that their team is the season’s favorite.

Mouz NXT Team Profile is still being prepared so in the near future you will be able to find out who inspired siuhy and which tournament was a turning point in torzsi’s career. Meanwhile, we suggest you watch the previous editions of the WePlay Academy League Team Profile series:

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