Taeja back on Liquid

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Taeja back on Liquid

Korean StarCraft II player returns after a 2 year-long hiatus

Yun ‘Taeja’ Young Seo, a professional StarCraft II player, has been recently discharged from the South Korean army. Having finished his mandatory military duty, the Crown Prince returned to the scene, mainly focusing on streaming for the time being. Having had a good showing in the recent GSL Super Tournament S2 qualifiers, Taeja has just been picked up by Team Liquid - the organisation that supported him before his departure. 

Taeja’s TV debut took place on the 16th of September 2010, when he got eliminated out of the first season of the GSL. The Korean Terran player rose to prominence during the 2013 season, winning 5 premier titles, as well as having multiple high finishes in various other tournaments. During that time, Taeja carried his team through sundry team competitions, singlehandedly all-killing intimidating rosters, namely Quantic Gaming and ROOT in Acer TeamStory Cup. Taeja’s period of dominance has since been dubbed ‘The Summer of Taeja’, and is fondly looked back on by a vast majority of fans. 

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