System Shock Remastered: First look at reworked environments

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System Shock Remastered: First look at reworked environments

The devs released new alpha footage demonstrating the work being put in

You might’ve not known but there is a System Shock Remastered currently in development by Nightdive Studios (mostly known for the System Shock 2 back from 1999 that influenced many later games). Being backed by more than 20,000 people on Kickstarter, the remastered version accumulated $1,350,000 so far, greatly exceeding the expected amount. 

A few days ago developers posted a new update on the Kickstarter page along with a video showcasing new reworked environments in alpha version of the game. 

"We launched the Adventure last week to the first round of backers and so far the reception has been extremely positive! Our dedicated group of Adventurers helped us track down a number of issues such as malfunctioning doors, missing key cards, holes in the geometry that lead to the infinite void of space, etc! We’ve been hard at work patching up the issues and will be pushing a new build today and will be selecting more backers to join in! If you’re part of the Cortex Reaver or Citadel Crew Member tiers look out for an email with an invite into the Alpha!"

Fans of the game will immediately notice how new footage blends originals levels with the updated looks. The studio followed it with this comment: 

Not only will these re-tooled textures make the Adventure Alpha more interesting but it will provide the team with a blueprint of how to approach updated art, lighting, level design, and more".

Don’t get me wrong, I like what I see but still it’s an alpha footage so the actual look and feel of the game after release might pretty much differ from what we see here. We can hope they’ll stick to the art direction. 

System Shock Remastered is expected to release somewhere in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. As of now, you can check its Steam page or back the game at Kickstarter, if you want this masterpiece to come to live faster, you slacker hacker!

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