Sweet Sales! PS and Xbox subday

Mar 02 2019 4 min read

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Hello, fellow console players! Before you start fighting about the best-console-ever award, let us tell you something about the Sales. Oh yes, Sweet Sales! Today we're talking about subscriptions, Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus, and games that are on special sales.

PlayStation Plus

So, this spring is quite significant for all the PlayStation users — Sony had stopped giving away free games with PlayStation Plus for PS3 and PSVita since this week and had also expanded all the PS Plus users' cloud storage space from 10GB to 100GB. And we have decided to make a list of special discounts on PS Plus subscriptions for you. We remind you that this March you can get The Witness and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for free.

At first, you do understand that PSN is divided into regions, unlike Xbox Live, do you? So if there possibly can be a discount on PS Plus subscription in Ireland, you can't apply it to your South America account. That's Sony's decision, we won't judge it. Check the publisher's stores, but you better wait for the season sales (or holiday sales, depends on which comes first) and then — purchase the subscription. 

PS Plus Special Sale!

So, there's the Special Sale in the PS Store exclusively for PS Plus subs. Looks like sale ends 3/5 8:00 PT, although double check any games you're interested in. The list of the most interesting games and the -% are below.

The last but not the least. Comrades, you can purchase Xbox Live Gold subscriptions with a great discount today. All you need to do is hit the Facebook like button, but you better check it yourselves. Right here for the 12-month sub, and also look for some sales here:

A year's a year, everything can happen, so if you don't want to — you don't have to. But a 6-month subscription option is available, also on sales. 6 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (Xbox One/360) — the same with hitting the Facebook like to get extra 3% offAnd a 3-month subscription, a short-term one:

And if you are a happy Her Majesty's subject, you can purchase discounted gift cards (damn, that's cheap) — all with the liking stuff. 


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