Support With Maximum Impact: Analysis of Popular Winter Wyvern Guides

Sep 10 2020 7 min read

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Each Dota 2 support has its own "specialty." Some of them restore health points by half, some make disables that provide stuns, nukers bring additional damage, and pushers, naturally, help to demolish the enemy's towers. There is a separate category of supports with a mass ultimate, which is the main reason why they are chosen.

Are there any universal supports? Such that would slow the enemies down, save a hero and restore hp, inflict damage and push a mass ultimate? Winter Wyvern is one of such supports. She can easily perform her primary support tasks and even defeat the enemy by herself. A universal in all senses character, which was presented to the Dota 2 community in February 2015. The prototype of Winter Wyvern was Frost Wyrm from Warcraft 3.

The character is not really simple, and many players do not know how to play for her and what her tricks are. Meanwhile, the Queen of Cold is such a strong hero that she can boost the game in any of the five positions.

In this guide review, we will start with the popular build used by pro players. Then we will analyze a popular Wyvern guide from public games and then will tell about a fighting Wyvern that destroys the enemy team.

Hero's strengths:

  • Flexibility;
  • Slowing down the opponent;
  • Ultimate that can be decisive in any fight;
  • Saves and restoring the allies' hp.

Hero's weaknesses:

  • Low armor and low speed;
  • Short attack range without the first skill Arctic Burn;
  • Low mobility without the same Arctic Burn;
  • Wrong ultimate customization during a battle can ruin the whole game.

The task of Winter Wyvern is to detach the opponent from a farming carry or an offlaner. A unique character, which can provide maximum impact even without items. The ult alone can beat one of the opponent's main characters during a fight.

Meepo's Nightmare: Winter Wyvern Guide From Pro Stage

Currently, Winter Wyvern is out of the pro stage. Meta recommends other characters, while the Conqueress of Cold can reach her peak only in those rare cases when the opponent has illusionists or hateful to many Meepo. At the same time, her collection is quite modest. If the character has any items at all, it is already a big success.

At the tournaments, for Winter Wyvern, they buy only Tranquil Boots or leave just simple boots. To increase mobility, one may buy Wind Lace or Drum of Endurance. Also, remember about the standard for all supports Magic Stick. If money allows, buying Mekansm, Force Staff, or Glimmer Cape will be only a benefit. There is no way this support can get some significant items as it is also required to provide wards, consumables, and dust.

Such Winter Wyvern Skill Build looks as follows:

  • Priority is given to the first spell (Arctic Burn) for free flight and mobility;
  • Then the third spell (Cold Embrace) is developed to save the allies;
  • Upgrade the second ability (Splinter Blast) if it is possible;
  • Use talents to enhance the Cold Embrace treatment and the ultimate duration.

The whole essence of your game is to constantly assist carries and the team. As a supporting character, Winter Wyvern farms nearly no creeps. She just stacks the neutral creeps for the farming heroes. In a bad position, she can be easily killed, but, if necessary, she can also face the enemies.

Such build remains relevant for the character for many years. Whatever meta is, other Wyvern builds are rarely noticed on the pro stage. We definitely recommend using this build.

She is not a creep! Winter Wyvern Pub Guide

Playing for Wyvern in public games and on the pro stage are two different stories. In pubs, whether you're a supporter or not, you want to fight and destroy enemies. Especially if they carry and hardliner engages in half-hour farming, in this case, a hybrid build is necessary.

Depending on the ranking, the dragon may have completely different items. For instance, some players may take Arcane Boots, others will assemble Tranquil Boots, and the rest will use Phase Boots as well. The same situation happens with other more expensive things. We write about the "golden mean" at the discretion of the editorial board.

In pubs, players usually provide Winter Wyvern with Arcane Boots, Magic Stick, and, possibly, Wind Lace. In ten minutes, the laning phase ends, and Wyvern starts to move freely around the map. In terms of building, one can expect to get Orchid Malevolence, Monkey King Bar, Crystalys, Hurricane Pike, and other items.

This build helps the character to actively participate in fighting and be useful to the team. At the same time, Winter Wyvern can remain saving support.

A hybrid Winter Wyvern skill build looks as follows:

  • Priority is given to the second spell (Splinter Blast) to provide permanent damage to opponents;
  • Then the second skill (Arctic Burn) is developed to slow the opponent down;
  • Upgrade the third ability (Cold Embrace) for one point just in case;
  • Use talents to enhance damage and reduce cooldown.

Playing with such Winter Wyvern means constant movement and regular damage infliction. Due to the first skill, the character can place the wards on the enemy half of the map quickly and efficiently. The hero is a perfect choice for those who love active Dota.

We recommend playing with this build, but have to warn you, though – do not expect it will be approved by your teammates. No matter how hard you try, someone will still be indignant at the support who stole his or her frag, or took his or her farm, or sent an ult to a wrong hero, etc. In Dota 2, most players consider Winter Wyvern exclusively as support.

Think about your health when Winter Wyvern is with Daedalus and Mjollnir

Quite a few characters in Dota 2 can show themselves from another side after acquiring certain items. Farming heroes with their abilities and talents, even with six item slots, will remain the same as they were in the beginning, although they will provide more damage and gain additional mobility. In the case of Winter Wyvern, we use the words, "don't let her speed up!"

In the latest patches, developers tried to avoid dealing with Winter Wyvern, that's why she can't be called a meta character now. However, it gives only more opportunities for its fans. Few players choose her, and few ban her. She's a perfect veiled threat to an opponent who does not expect anything.

A fighting Winter Wyvern can be a triple, a midlaner, or even a carry. For the start buying Power Treads or Phase Boots will suffice. Complete the boot with two Null Talismans and secure everything with Mask of Madness and Dragon Lance. The first one is not required, but it's difficult to imagine Winter Wyvern without the second one. Next, when entering the mid-game, buy either Daedalus or Mjollnir or Moon Shard. The main question here is how the game develops in terms of gold and kills. Ideally, it's good to have all three items.

Obviously, the best solution for the beginning of fighting is Winter's Curse ultimate. It should be used wisely and directed at the most dangerous or most annoying enemy hero. As a rule, a well-made ultimate leaves no trace of the opponent. After that, it will be easier for your team of five heroes to fight against only four heroes. It is unlikely then that any character will be able to escape from your Arctic Burn and Splinter Blast. At any moment, you can use Cold Embrace to save yourself and your allies – the ability restores 2%/3%/4%/5% of the maximum health value per second (lasts for four seconds).

Skill build on such Winter Wyvern looks as follows:

  • Develop the first (Arctic Burn) and the second (Splinter Blast) ability to provide comfortable farming on the lane;
  • Take the third ability (Cold Embrace) at the last minute;
  • Once Winter's Curse ultimate is available, you can start ganking;
  • Develop talents to increase damage and slowing down rates.

The point of such Winter Wyvern is the insane damage in a short time. Having got the basic items, one can immediately go to the aid of allies without long farming. This build is an option as well, but we recommend to practice it first in normal or turbo mode. Join ranked matches only when you understand how to move around the map and what actions you need to do at every phase of the game.

As Winter Wyvern herself says in the game: "Let them all fall still beneath my shadow!" We boldly affirm: even a hybrid build at number 2 and a fighting wyvern at number 3 will succeed in this. Or you can always use her as a support so that your teammates will have no reasons for hateful comments.


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