Support Ukrainians. Donate for Freedom with Techiia Foundation

Mar 05 2022 2 min read
Weplay Esports

Donate to protect people who need help with their needs here in Ukraine and help the Ukrainian Army in the slaughterous struggle for peace of the World we are living in.

In the current state Ukrainians as a nation cherish the most such values ​​as security, liberty and unity after the attacks made by the Russian Federation Army Forces. In order to protect our people and help the Ukrainian Army Forces after the military aggression started by the Russian Federation we direct all efforts to support relatives and friends, colleagues, our esports community and all Ukrainians in their struggle for independence and freedom. We, WePlay Esports, do not stand aside.

Techiia Holding, which includes WePlay Esports and other companies, announces the launch of a fundraising campaign for its charity trust fund. All donations will be used for the needs of the army, hospitals, volunteer organizations, assisting refugees and IDPs, and everything else related to social projects to help people during the martial law in Ukraine.

What is a trust fund? Simply speaking, it's a fund that makes donated money work in a way investors are interested in. In our case, to help the motherland.

Techiia Foundation aims to work with the most important social projects:

  • Health protection projects will provide medical institutions with the latest technologies and medicines.
  • Local social support is about working with people in need (mental and physical).
  • Promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), helping to develop the educational segment and exporting newest technologies.

So, in order to make a contribution to the Techiia trust fund, you can use the donate option, which you can always find in the website header near the top menu, or simply go to the official Techiia Foundation website and press the “Donate” button.

Are there any other ways to help?

Also, we recommend donating to funds working with other issues:

  • The SaveLife Foundation provides support to those who are fighting on the front lines. Both informational (news, media) and physical (uniforms, food, etc.). All donations here are a direct investment in the defense capability of the state.
  • The Army SOS Foundation is also engaged in providing supplies to the army, but is focused on medical support: drugs, first aid kits, protection, etc.
  • The National Bank of Ukraine special fund was opened to provide assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Available in several currencies, the National Bank's fund focuses on financing the army.

Droplets form oceans. Each, even the smallest contribution to support Ukraine is a step towards a confident, clean and good future for all mankind and it’s not an exaggeration.

Героям слава!


World Esports Stands for Charity and Peace in Ukraine

Donate to Techiia Foundation to support charity and people of Ukraine for those who suffer the most, for those who protect the country from the Russian army forces right now and for those who will never return from this war but remain in our hearts forever.

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