Street Fighter V mod roundup

Jul 09 2020 4 min read

Here’s this week’s Street Fighter V mod roundup and the theme this time is fighting game characters.

Here’s this week’s Street Fighter V mod roundup and the theme this time is fighting game characters, be they from the Street Fighter franchise or some other. Naturally, this means they don’t already exist in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

We also welcome the presence of a gaming icon from a very different genre, but he makes the transition a little too well. So if you love mods and also want to know the great minds behind them, take a gander below.

Female Ryu SFV mod

Female Ryu

Street Fighter poster boy Ryu gets a makeover from famika that changes his gender and switches his wardrobe for something more befitting. She comes with five costumes; a sci-fi outfit that’s reminiscent of Captain Commando, a business suit complete with skirt, a peculiar swimsuit, a skimpy bikini, and his gi cut short to show off her belly and legs. 

The mod also includes multiple hairstyles, with my personal favorite being her wild disheveled look. The mod also makes use of Sakura’s voice and I suspect one of the hairstyles is hers as well.

famika’s Female Ryu mod is a little on the risque side, especially the business suit outfit which appears to be tattered in places with most of the front open. The also looks like some of the outfits need a bit more polish, but its still a great mod nonetheless.

Y’shtola SFV mod


We enter the world of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT to introduce our next character mod, Y'shtola Rhul. Originally from Final Fantasy XIV, the magic caster brings her trusty staff and Eorzean fashion to the mix. Users have the choice of two different weapons and five additional colors.

TiggieWhite's Falke mod has been around since November 2019 but still holds up well with all the shiny new creations we see every day.

King K. Rool SFV mod

King K. Rool

The menacing Donkey Kong villain King K. Rool takes some time off from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to join the Street Fighter V roster in this mod for Balrog. He fits perfectly into the game with a mouth that moves, sending straights and uppercuts like he’s been doing it forever. 

Ouji-chama impresses once more with a well-made mod that was created on commission for KingKRool2002 and has been making the rounds in online ranked. Grab the mod here.

Link SFV mod

Its another Nintendo character from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but this time a familiar hero who has a preference for green outfits. Hyrule’s champion Link joins the foray with the Master Sword and his magical shield hanging from his back.

Created by babyjoe00069, Link appears to be wearing his costume from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. As a Cody mod, we see Link the cockiest he’s ever been.

Guy SFV mod


Originally from Final Fight, Guy made his first Street Fighter appearance in the Alpha series. Making him a mod for his master, Zeku, you forget that even the old ninja also wasn’t a part of the game’s initial roster.

It comes as no surprise that DanteSDT, the mod’s creator is a fan of the character. They’re also still holding out hope that Guy will officially make it into the game via the final batch of DLC. Otherwise, we’ll just have to pretend that he’s always been in Street Fighter V with this mod.

Geralt SFV mod


This mod by mohamedelkordy129 is for the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. Even with how tall he is, I never expected him to become a Sagat mod, but its certainly an interesting take. He seems to be a stickler for the rules as the character left his swords at home.

Imagining the Witcher casting Agni as projectiles and in combination with uppercuts isn’t too much of a stretch. The mod comes with two color variants and an additional colorable one, so deck out your Geralt your favorite colors. He can’t complain.

Duke Nukem SFV mod

Duke Nukem

From 2D platformer to first-person and third-person shooter, the Duke Nukem franchise has done it all in the last three decades. babyjoe00069 graces the list once more with this mod of a classic character. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Duke Nukem replaces Guile on the roster, but the length of his hair remains unchanged. Think of the mod as Guile in cosplay, as he’s even got Deadpool tattoos on his arms.

And that’s it for this week’s selection of great Street Fighter V mods. Next time I’ll be picking a theme that cut across multiple fighting games, so I hope you look forward to that. Until next time, stay safe and keep playing with your favorite mods.


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