Street Fighter V: Champion Edition version 05.031 patch notes

May 27 2020 2 min read

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Yesterday Capcom released Street Fighter V: Champion Edition title update version 05.031 and now we have the patch notes. 

It's a small update that brings a couple of bug fixes, amends issues created by the previous patch, and introduces a free EX color for all characters as thanks for all the fan support. Here's what Street Fighter V: Champion Edition title update version 05.031 brings to the table:

Battle Adjustments

  • Recoverable damage when hit is no longer the same as the full damage received. 
  • Fixed an issue with EX Psycho Blast when canceled by Gill's Flame Javelin or Volcanic Storm.
  • Yoga Sansara has the amount its hitbox extends inwards reduced.
  • Blocking some attacks with Dual Poison Dance will no longer cause too much recoverable damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Overchain would be lost after blocking an opponent's guard break technique with Sledgehammer
  • Sonic Blade's attack frames extended inward hit box changed from 42F to 2F.
  • Reduced the extended inward hitbox of Sonic Hurricane extended inward hitbox changed from 50F to 2F.
  • Fixed an issue where Raid Jump would be performed if Surprise Foward or Back was input at a specific time. 
  • Changed the juggle behavior of the opponent when Spin Pendulum hits in the air. 
  • Changed the difference in recovery time on guard and where the character appears when transitioning from the copied version of Air Stampede into Mad Spin. 

Bug Fixes

  • The antenna display on the battle confirmation screen now shows the actual response time.
  • Battle Lounge shows a range that is one stage slower than the actual response time when setting restrictions. 

EX color

Color EX09 has been added to the game for the entire roster, free to use for all players.

You can check out the full Street Fighter V: Champion Edition title update version 05.031 patch notes here at Shadaloo CRI


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